Making the Most of a Sloped Lot: Retaining Walls for Portland Landscaping, by Susan Hicks

Sloped Lot DrainageEvery locale presents its own unique challenges for gardeners. When landscaping Portland, Oregon, many would-be gardeners are confronted with sloped lots. The Portland area features plenty of ravines, bluffs, creeks, hills, and excavations, adding visual interest—and landscaping challenges. Here are a handful of the obstacles associated with uneven property.


Retaining Walls We Love

retaining walls we love (more…)

Portland Landscaping Challenges Yield Beautiful Solutions

Portland Landscaping Patio DesignLiving atop a hill can certainly provide ample and usable space if designed and landscaped in a way that best suits a homeowner’s needs. However, additional space isn’t the only item a contractor and designer should keep in mind. There can be challenges with a sloped yard, such as drainage, retaining wall construction, and more. This type of space requires creativity and thoughtful planning.


Prepping Your Hillsboro Landscaping for Winter Rains

Hillsboro Landscaping Winter is coming, and we want to help Portland-metro and Hillsboro homeowners, who enjoy landscaping and gardening, get ready for the upcoming months. Today, we’re taking a special look at the city of Hillsboro. Like gardeners everywhere, Hillsboro landscapers can benefit from pre-planning for upcoming seasons. In addition to general tips on planning for winter’s rainfall and general moisture, we discuss how different species respond to winter rains.


Project Spotlight: Portland Landscapers Turn Wet Backyard into Usable Living Area

Portland Landscaping Synthetic Turf InstallationA backyard is supposed to be a place that the whole family can enjoy. However, the clay soil at our client’s residence in Vancouver, Washington brought headaches and frustration. Not only did the family’s dog constantly track mud inside the home, the kids didn’t have a proper place to play. Our Portland landscaping experts teamed up with designer Clement Walsh, of Clement Walsh Landscape Design, and turned this wet backyard into a useable outdoor living space. (more…)

Project Spotlight: Drainage Solutions & More for Portland Homeowners

Portland Landscaping DesignWhen a family moved into their “builder’s special” Northeast Portland home, they knew they needed the assistance of a trusted, local landscaping company to help them with the aesthetic appeal of their property and the challenges that came with it. In the winter of 2014, my landscaping team and I worked with the family to address their wants and needs in order to create both a beautiful and functional low-maintenance landscape. (more…)

10 Plants Perfect for a Portland Landscape Design

Are you curious to learn more about plants that thrive in the Portland, Oregon area? Here we offer a list of Portland’s top 10 favorites. From perennials to shrubs, there are so many greenery options from which to choose. If you’d like to learn more about Portland’s hardiness zones, we invite you to read Rebecca Smith’s latest blog post Thriving Plants & Hardiness Zones: Tips from Portland Landscapers. This blog post outlines additional species that prosper in our area.


Thriving Plants & Hardiness Zones: Tips from Portland Landscapers

Portland Landscaping GardenThe exclamation “Location, location, location!” is typically applied to the world of real estate, but it applies equally well to gardening. Landscaping experts the world over appreciate the importance of selecting the correct plants for local climates. In this post we go into detail about location-based landscaping in Portland. We discuss climate zones and hardiness zones, two measuring sticks that green thumbs use to categorize which plants will thrive where. We also touch on which plants thrive in Portland.