Residential Irrigation Services

Certified Specialists, Meticulous Maintenance

reduce water usage by 30%

Water conservation is an important concern to many homeowners. Landscape East & West offers WaterWise solutions that will lower your usage by as much as 30% while maintaining the vitality of your landscape.

Residential Maintenance customers enjoy full-service care that includes irrigation system maintenance. Just looking for irrigation system maintenance? Premium Water Management Services (PWMS) is a stand-alone program designed for customers specifically interested in irrigation service. Sign up for PWMS and avoid the worry and hassle of maintaining your irrigation system.

Drips Equal Dollars
Leaks and damage are often responsible for unexpected spikes in usage. Our comprehensive Spring Start-up Program includes identifying and repairing leaks in your system. Installing a flow-monitoring device allows for remote monitoring of water flow volume. Call us to see if flow-monitoring is the right solution for you.

Sync Your water Usage to Weather Conditions
Do you ever drive by a home on a rainy day and wonder why the sprinklers are running? Landscape East & West can install a rain sensor or a soil moisture sensor so you only water when necessary.

Experts You Can Trust
Landscape East & West employs highly trained technicians who are CLIA certified by the Irrigation Association. Our team has the expertise to properly assess issues and recommend the right solution, ensuring an optimized irrigation system.

"Landscape East & West has been my irrigation specialist for quite some time. Their service is wonderful, they attend to any problems I have with the system and explain what I need to do in the future. It is great to be able to count on their service."

— Lorene Farrar

Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance

Homeowners can depend on Landscape East & West to provide the right solution for any landscape maintenance need. Our certified technicians can solve sprinkler system and drainage problems with ease, and have in-depth knowledge about weather-based controllers and technology designed for water conservation. If you’re concerned about water conservation let Landscape East & West recommend the best way for you to reduce consumption and lower costs.

Professional Grade Parts: We have extensive knowledge of all irrigation brands. When installing or replacing equipment we recommend selecting quality components that are built to last, such as Rainbird© or Hunter©.

Certified Technicians: Landscape East & West takes great pride in knowing our team is among the best in the industry. Services are always provided by expert technicians with over 20 years of irrigation experience who can quickly troubleshoot problems and determine the best way to address your irrigation needs. Because each of our technicians is Oregon Backflow Assembly Tester certified, we can perform annual testing and/or repair of your backflow without having to subcontract those services to a third party.

With emergency service available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, Landscape East & West is here when you need us.

24/7 Support: Standard maintenance services come with 24/7 technician support for emergency issues. If you’re faced with a broken irrigation line or a stuck valve causing your sprinklers to run continuously, help is just a phone call away. No need to leave a message in hopes you’ll get a call back. When you work with Landscape East & West you can trust every phone call will be answered by a representative who’s ready to help.

Weather Based Controllers, High Efficiency Delivery: Landscape East & West has extensive experience with weather based controllers. This technology allows us to analyze your water usage and offer a solution that will guarantee you water savings. High efficiency rotating nozzles, drip irrigation, soil sensors, pressure regulation, and flow meters are just a few of the irrigation solutions that can help optimize the health of your landscape while minimizing water usage. Why not use the money you’ll save for enhancements that add or improve your outdoor living area?