Residential Shrub & Tree Pruning

Create healthier plants and stimulate a more spectacular blooming season

arborists know best

Landscape East & West employs on-staff arborists who are well-versed in the most effective pruning practices for all species of trees and shrubs that thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Our arborists train and supervise pruning crews to ensure services are done properly. When performed correctly pruning can revitalize tired trees and shrubs, create healthier plants, and stimulate a more spectacular blooming season, while careless or overzealous pruning can damage the health of your plants. If you want to be sure your plants receive the highest level of care, it’s essential to work with experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of exactly when, how, and why to prune your trees and shrubs.

"I use Landscape East & West for pruning my trees, shrubs and cleaning up behind them. I was very pleased with the result as it looked beautiful - exactly what I wanted."

— Patricia McKinney

We approach pruning with three goals in mind

Health: Pruning for plant health includes removing dead, broken, or diseased branches. In addition, it considers the future health of the plant by encouraging a healthy branching structure.

Appearance: Most ornamental plants are planted because of their visual appeal. While considering the natural shape of the plant, we carefully select our pruning cuts to improve the appearance while considering both plant health and your preferences.

Containment: Planting the right plant in the right place is the best way to enjoy a natural, low maintenance landscape. However, the ideal is not always a reality. Containment pruning keeps plants out of walkways, off buildings, and below windows while considering both plant health and appearance.

Count on the experienced team at Landscape East & West to provide superior service for all your shrub and tree pruning and landscape maintenance needs.