Portland Landscaping Services

Spending time outdoors is good for your overall health and wellness which is why at Landscape East & West we help you design and build an ideal outside oasis that reflects your personality, desires, and budget.

We’ve offered our landscape services to the Portland area for more than 40 years, delivering creative design and quality workmanship that stand up to the ever-changing weather of the Pacific Northwest. Our commitment to environmental sustainability means we know what grows best to leave you with a beautiful landscape that requires minimal effort.  No matter the season, your yard can be an extension of the livable space of your home or just an area you enjoy gazing out on when the rain is falling and the wind is howling.

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Design & Build

Whether the yard of your dreams includes an outdoor kitchen for cooking and entertaining, a pond and waterfall for quiet contemplation, a high-end patio with a fire pit for gathering with the family, or all of the above, we have you covered…literally, from the ground up.

Our Portland design & build landscaping services include:

Patios & Paths

Landscape East & West specializes in crafting personalized outdoor living spaces that incorporate features like patios, paths, built-in seating, fire pits, and water features to suit your long-term needs and aesthetic preferences. We manage your project from conceptual design through construction, providing expert guidance on selecting the perfect surface material to achieve the desired look and feel. With professional experience in a range of materials including natural slate, concrete pavers, architectural slabs, and poured concrete, we bring your dream patio to life.

Patio Construction Landscape Services
Outdoor Kitchen Construction Landscape Services

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens transform outdoor spaces into cozy, functional areas perfect for cooking, dining, and socializing. No matter what you want to create, our Portland team provides design and construction services to make your dream a reality. We cater to homeowners, offering a range of features from simple grill setups to fully equipped kitchens that allow you to enjoy meals in the great outdoors. Whether you envision a large or small kitchen, we can incorporate essential elements like shade structures, level flooring for dining, and modern amenities like outdoor audio systems to make your outdoor space truly exceptional.

Water Features

Let us turn your outdoor space into a serene oasis or a vibrant entertainment hub, with a wide variety of custom designed and installed water features. Whether you desire a natural rock bed waterfall, a modern art-inspired fountain, or anything in between, our team has the expertise to create an elegant focal point that enhances your home’s connection with nature. Our offerings range from koi ponds and water gardens to waterfalls and decorative fountains, allowing us to tailor each project to your specific vision and needs.

Water Feature Landscape Services
Driveway Landscape Services


Our Portland team crafts custom driveways that not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also seamlessly integrate with your existing landscape. From the selection of materials like concrete, pavers, or natural stones to expert installation that addresses drainage and durability, we ensure that your driveway is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve multiple purposes, from leveling sloped yards and preventing soil erosion to enhancing the aesthetics of your property. Our designs are custom-tailored to fit your specific needs and landscape, using a wide range of materials such as natural stone, interlocking block, brick, poured concrete, and wood. With a focus on drainage, durability, and landscape harmony, our experienced team ensures that your retaining wall is both functional and visually appealing.

Retaining Walls Landscape Services
Woodworking Landscape Services


Custom-crafted wood decks and fences can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space, especially in the Pacific Northwest where wood harmonizes naturally with the environment. Using a range of durable materials like native cedar, tight-grain hardwoods, and composites, our expert woodworkers focus on long-term stability and meticulous craftsmanship, guaranteeing all our work. Every project is tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing landscape, taking into account functionality, beauty, and specific material needs, ranging from softwoods and hardwoods to composites and PVC.

Covered Structures

Specializing in landscape services and designs that enhance outdoor living spaces, we offer custom patio covers that extend the roofline of homes or community structures, complete with features like skylights or electrical wiring. Hand-built pergolas add rugged charm and can support climbing plants, ideal for shading areas or adding visual interest. Free-standing gazebos provide a focal point for gardens, offering a versatile space for dining, entertaining, or community events.

Covered Structures Landscape Services
Outdoor Lighting Landscape Services

Outdoor Lighting

Transform your outdoor environment into a day-and-night oasis with professional lighting solutions that extend your time outdoors, especially during short winter days. Our artful illumination not only highlights landscaping elements but also enhances safety and deters trespassers.

Gardens & Plants

Our Portland landscape services team members are local and exotic plant experts, ensuring that every garden we design is both beautiful and sustainable, as well as tailored to flourish in the Pacific Northwest environment. We prioritize sustainability in our practices, using organic fertilizers and water-efficient designs to create a harmonious ecosystem within your landscape. By tapping into an extensive network of garden designers, we customize landscaping solutions that bring out the inherent natural beauty of each space, matching homeowners or property managers with the perfect expert for their needs.

The actions of our ever-expanding team of experts, and our portfolio of beautiful landscapes throughout the Portland metro region, speak for themselves.

Gardens and Plants Landscape Services

This was a very professional, hard-working crew who finished on schedule. They were punctual, and polite and kept their work area clean. They built a rock garden and gravel sitting area in our backyard and refreshed a gravel walkway. We live on the side of a hill, so they placed the rock steps and other stones beautifully. We realized we did want to spring for a few plants so they were receptive to me buying a few plants and placing them where I wanted them. They also let me move some existing plants from other areas of the garden and planted them to complete the look. We love our new project and can't wait to enjoy it all summer long!

— Rosemary D.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Once you have your dream landscape, we are there to continue the maintenance to keep it beautiful. We offer a full spectrum of landscaping services in the Portland area which include:

Residential Maintenance Landscape Services

Residential Maintenance

As a Portland landscape services company, we start with a complimentary home visit to create a comprehensive, customized service plan for your outdoor space, covering everything from irrigation and pruning to plant health and seasonal flower care. A dedicated Account Manager coordinates all maintenance, ensuring you always have a point of contact. With 50 scheduled visits per year, you’ll have a consistent crew, a Crew Foreman, and a designated day for service, all aimed at maintaining a landscape you’ll love.

Lawn Care Services

With over four decades of expertise in lawn care, our services go beyond the visible, tackling issues like thatch build-up, disease susceptibility, and soil pH balance to keep your lawn in optimal condition. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge techniques and equipment, from frequently-sharpened mower blades to proprietary turf fertilizers specifically formulated for the Pacific Northwest. A dedicated Account Manager ensures open and frequent communication, guaranteeing consistent, superior service that you can trust for a healthy, robust lawn.

Lawn Care Landscape Services
Lawn Irrigation Landscape Services


Our expert Portland team offers comprehensive landscape maintenance services, employing certified technicians with over 20 years of irrigation experience who are proficient in solving sprinkler system and drainage problems, as well as implementing water-conserving technologies. Our quality-focused approach includes the use of professional-grade parts like Rainbird© or Hunter© and we even provide annual testing and/or repair of your backflow, all without the need for subcontracting. For ultimate peace of mind, we offer 24/7 emergency support to tackle urgent issues like broken irrigation lines, and our expertise in weather-based controllers and high-efficiency delivery systems ensures optimal landscape health while reducing water consumption and costs.

Premium Water Management Services

Our full-service residential maintenance includes comprehensive irrigation system care, while our Premium Water Management Services (PWMS) program is specially tailored for those seeking dedicated irrigation services, covering everything from spring startup and winterization to discounted repairs. PWMS is customizable with options for mid-season adjustments and its pricing is zone-based, offering you flexibility and peace of mind in maintaining your irrigation system.

Premium Water Management Landscape Services
Tree Pruning Landscape Services

Shrub & Tree Pruning

We offer specialized shrub and tree pruning services focused on three key areas: enhancing plant health by removing dead or diseased branches, improving the visual appeal of ornamental plants while respecting their natural shape, and containment pruning to keep plants away from walkways, buildings, and windows. Trust our experienced team to deliver superior service that balances plant health, appearance, and practical landscape maintenance needs.

Ornamental Bed Maintenance

Our Portland landscape services team members are experts in the art and science of maintaining the health and beauty of your ornamental garden, offering services that range from weeding and edging to pest control and weather protection. Our skilled professionals tailor their services to your garden’s specific needs, ensuring its year-round vitality while preserving its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Ornamental Bed Maintenance Landscape Services
Water Feature Lighting Landscape Services

Water Feature & Lighting Maintenance

Our Portland landscape maintenance team provides comprehensive services that cover every aspect of your outdoor space, including water features and lighting, to ensure your landscape is always entertainment-ready. With our regular service, you can relax knowing that everything from cleanliness to functionality is expertly managed, keeping your outdoor elements in optimal condition year-round.


Our team offers a wide range of landscape enhancements to elevate your outdoor living space, from upgraded lighting for ambiance to practical solutions like drainage improvements, lawn renovations, and irrigation upgrades. Recognizing that landscapes, like homes, require periodic updates for both aesthetic and functional appeal, our design and technical experts are committed to keeping your outdoor area current and captivating.

Landscape Enhancement Services
Natural and Organic Landscape Services

Natural & Organic Solutions

As a Portland landscape services company, we specialize in offering natural and organic landscape solutions tailored to your specific needs, ranging from organic-based fertilizers to sustainable water management practices. Dedicated to sustainability, our array of eco-friendly options offers an alternative to traditional pesticides and herbicides, and aims to minimize fossil fuel use, setting us apart in the residential landscape maintenance market.

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About Us

Our company was started more than 40 years ago with the intent to prioritize quality workmanship and top-level landscaping service. Our goal has always been to build relationships with our customers so we can provide the best experience and complete satisfaction in any landscape project we’re hired to do.

Landscape East & West would not be the company it is today without our hardworking and dedicated team of professionals.


Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA)

  • Design/Build Residential Construction under $25,000
  • Design/Build Residential Construction $25,000 to $75,000
  • Residential Landscape Construction over $50,000
  • Safety Excellence Awards

Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)

  • Distinction, Merit and Safety awards

National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

  • Residential Outdoor Design/Outdoor Living $100,000 – $250,000
  • Residential Landscape Design/Outdoor Living under $100,000
  • Residential Landscape Design/Outdoor Living $100,000 – $250,000

When you’re ready to start your dream project, call us to schedule a consultation with our landscape design experts.

Just had our spring start-up and backflow test for our irrigation system. Simply set up with good notification and they were here when they specified. The whole system that they installed is easy to operate, and the rain sensor really makes sure that the yard stays in good shape all summer.

— Helen P.


Residential Maintenance

We start with a complimentary visit to your home to create a service plan based on the maintenance needs of your space. Your personalized plan may include irrigation and water features, pruning, plant health, seasonal care and much more.

You will have a dedicated Account Manager who is always a phone call or text away.

Your home is assigned a specific day, a regular crew foreman, and a crew that remains consistent throughout the year.

We generally plan on 50 visits to your home each year.

Design & Build

We recommend low-voltage LED lighting which is soft in tone providing natural light while being extremely efficient. The average lifespan of LEDs is 40,000 hours, which should give you 18 to 20 years of run time from a single bulb. Learn more.

Control lighting allows you to create different themes in the lighting design by “zoning” the lighting system into up to four zones. This allows greater flexibility in how those zones are used. You might choose to enjoy all zones until you go to bed, and then only use the security zones through the night. Or, save energy by only lighting the spaces that are actually being used at any given time. Learn more.

Drain and flush water features to maintain clear water; remove foam buildup with a hot tub defoamer. Monitor the pH level to avoid algae growth. When foam starts to build up in your water feature, the best cure is to use a hot tub defoamer. If your water feature is not designed for cold weather, shut it off or pull out the pump for the winter.

If sand washes out during a heavy rain or from washing, simply sweep it back into the cracks with a broom. Polymeric sand can be applied to bond the cracks and prevent weed growth. If a chalky white substance appears, known as efflorescence, it can generally be removed by scrubbing with water and a stiff scrub brush, but it will generally wear off over time.

Pricing & Payment

Once you’ve spoken to Landscape East & West and a walkthrough of the job site is completed, your sales consultant will get to work on a ballpark quote. We welcome customer input with respect to the budget to assist in prioritizing the elements in the design.

Within a couple of weeks, we will deliver a ballpark estimate that will include engineering and permitting if needed, a cost range for each element essential for the design, and options to upgrade or downgrade finishes. Learn more.

Your full-service landscape care begins with a complimentary visit to your home where you’ll work with one of our consultants to create a comprehensive service plan customized to the needs of your outdoor space. And once you hire us, we’ll only charge you for the actual time we spend on your property. Learn more.

Scheduling & Timelines

What your makeover entails can make a difference in when you should start planning. For anything complex, we recommend getting your ideas together and calling Landscape East & West during the winter so your new yard will be ready for the warmer days of spring and summer. Projects can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months. Learn more

More complex projects typically take around 6 months between the first point of contact and when the project begins. On more straightforward projects, this might be less than a month from the customer’s first contact with us until a decision is made on the build, and the project then breaks ground within a couple of months. Learn more.

Overall, the process of going from an idea to hiring the professionals, to completing the project can take anywhere from 4-8 months.

Yes. Landscape care is a year-round business. We prune, remove yard debris and leaves, cut back ornamental grasses, complete any needed hardscape repairs, treat moss growth, and add mulch to prevent springtime weeds. Whew. Winter is a busy time.

Other Services

Our experienced designers at Landscape East & West can help you create the ideal outdoor kitchen for your home. We can walk you through all the steps including design, appliance and materials selection, utilities planning, permitting, and installation. Learn more

Absolutely! At Landscape East & West, we pride ourselves on creating water features that complement your space, address your needs and suit your lifestyle. From koi ponds and custom bubbling fountains to luxurious pools and hot tubs, our expert team will create a feature that radiates tranquility and blends seamlessly into your landscaping design. If you’re looking for help with your water feature design and installation, give us a call. Learn more

It was such a pleasure working with Landscape East & West. They were super attentive to our needs and kept us up to date on the project. Bryan and his team are awesome and went above and beyond to meet our needs for our space!!! Well done!

— Monty B.

Landscape East & West is not just a landscaping service; we are a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to transform their outdoor living space into a dream oasis. With over 40 years of experience serving the Portland area, we bring a blend of creativity, quality, and sustainability to each project, whether you’re envisioning a serene garden, a lively entertainment hub, or a functional outdoor kitchen. Our expertise extends from design and construction to ongoing maintenance, offering a full suite of services that ensure your landscape is not just beautiful, but also sustainable and easy to manage. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals, a wide range of awards, and glowing testimonials from satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers. At Landscape East & West, we make your outdoor dreams a livable reality.