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Outdoor Lighting for Security and Aesthetics

March 13, 2024

The term landscaping often brings to mind plants, grass, or structures like arbors, but an essential ingredient to landscape design is outdoor lighting. When you invest your time and resources to beautify and secure your yard you should be able to enjoy it, and see what’s in it, whether day or night.  The landscape designers at Landscape East & West carefully select and position outdoor lighting fixtures to both add to the aesthetics of your yard and enhance the security of your home. There are strategies we use to get the most out of your outdoor lighting.  (more…)

How to Plan Water Features and Lighting for Your Backyard Landscape

June 01, 2023

Water features and lighting can significantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your backyard landscape, adding tranquility and comfort. During the spring and summer months in Portland, water features and surrounding patio space offer a calming, cooling respite from the heat. Outdoor living can serve multiple purposes for a backyard landscape, including ambiance, functionality, and security. Many of the lighting installations completed by the skilled professionals of Landscape East & West are designed to enhance safety and deter trespassers.  If you’re thinking about adding water features and lighting to your next backyard project, here are the key steps and details to consider. (more…)

Bright Ideas for Adding Light to Your Landscape

June 01, 2022

Deciding to add outdoor lighting around your home and yard is both a practical and aesthetic consideration. Lighting up your home’s exterior at night makes your front porch, patio or deck, steps, and walkways safer. The added light is an excellent deterrent to would-be prowlers and increases your home’s security. Outdoor lighting can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and the overall value of your home.  (more…)

Light Up Your Nightscape with Smart Outdoor Lighting

November 03, 2020


Light Up Your Landscape

August 17, 2017

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Inviting with Control Lighting Portland homeowners can add hardscaping, and a patio cover with a fire pit to expand outdoor living space and increase enjoyment during inclement weather. What they may overlook is the importance of landscape lighting. Portland’s  winter months bring dark days—many residents feel disheartened at the prospect of leaving for work in darkness and arriving back home in darkness. Landscape lighting can make an outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, even during Portland’s soggy winter season. (more…)

Extend Your Outdoor Living Space with Control Lighting

August 19, 2015

Water Feature LightingWhen advising on how to create a space for outdoor living, Portland landscapers may suggest adding hardscaping, a patio cover, and fire pit to expand outdoor living space in order to enjoy it during inclement weather. What homeowners may overlook is the importance of landscape lighting. In Portland, the winter months bring dark days—many Portlanders feel disheartened at the prospect of leaving for work in darkness and arriving back home in darkness. Landscape lighting can make an outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, even during Portland’s soggy winter months. (more…)

Portland Landscapers Offer Unique Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Living Areas

October 28, 2014

Path Lights for Portland LandscapingIn Portland, we see long, cloudy winters with many dark days. Outdoor lighting allows homeowners to enjoy their Portland landscaping as much as possible, all year round. In this blog post we will talk about fire pit lighting, specially designed fixtures, seat wall lighting and more. We also consider big-picture lighting considerations, such as style, technique and technological upgrades (e.g. control lighting). If you are interested in lighting ideas for your outdoor space, talk to us! We are here to give you all the expert advice and help that you need. (more…)

7 Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Examples for Portland Landscaping

October 21, 2014

Outdoor lighting can truly transform your Portland landscaping as well as the exterior of your home. In the Pacific Northwest, we know that clouds and rain can dampen the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. With the proper lighting in place, the entertaining areas of your outdoor space can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially if you have a covered area! More time to enjoy your space, better curb appeal, and well-lit paths are all possible with the right lighting in place. (more…)

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Portland, Oregon by Lee Glasscock, Landscape East & West

May 09, 2013

Outdoor Lighting for LandscapesOutdoor lighting may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about landscape design. However, without proper landscape lighting you’ll only be able to enjoy the beauty of your yard during daylight hours – and here in the Pacific Northwest, those hours are mighty short in the winter months. The evening and night time garden has its own enchanting appeal that is completely lost without proper lighting. Landscape lighting beckons the viewer outdoors. But enhanced enjoyment is only the first of many benefits of lighting your garden. (more…)