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The professionals at Landscape East & West can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen from design through construction to the final unveiling. We’ve worked with homeowners and businesses alike to turn outdoor areas into cozy places to gather around the fire, casual grill areas, or fully outfitted kitchens to give our clients a place to cook and share a meal while enjoying nature. We believe nearly anything is possible when it comes to outdoor kitchens and we work with our clients to turn a vision into a design.

There are many types of outdoor kitchens. Whether large or small there are some common features that will work anywhere: 

  • Shade structures like pergolas or umbrellas 
  • A dining area or patio with level flooring for tables and chairs or bar stools
  • A simple grill, smoker, or firepit 
  • Outdoor audio systems with strategically placed speakers and Bluetooth capability

Add some task lighting and ambient lighting fixtures, along with greenery for aesthetics, and a drab yard can become a beautiful outdoor kitchen.  

To take the capabilities of an outdoor kitchen further, and if space allows, items such as cooktops, refrigerators, sinks, storage cabinets, televisions, and even heating and cooling systems can be incorporated into the design. Really, anything you have in an indoor kitchen can be brought outside with today’s all-weather appliances and with the right planning. 

Any outdoor space can be customized with a client’s personal touch, starting with the materials that are chosen for the flooring, and structures. Natural elements like stone and wood, work well as they can withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Similarly, concrete, brick, and pavers provide a lasting foundation that looks beautiful. Items such as decorative tiles, sculptures, fountains, and plants can be incorporated to bring in a client’s individual taste and flair. We work closely with our clients to ensure their outdoor kitchen reflects their style. 

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Step by Step to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

When you choose Landscape East & West, you are getting a team of skilled professionals who have been in the landscaping business for more than three decades. We will be with you from start to finish to assure every aspect of your dream outdoor kitchen is completed exactly as you want it to be. Our experience has taught us the best process for getting your space from design to completion, keeping our clients involved every step of the way.

  • Determine the Purpose: Our expert outdoor kitchen designers first ask our clients how they envision using the space when planning an outdoor kitchen. Is the vision for preparing full meals year-round, summertime grilling, or a place to park a great pizza oven? Will the outdoor kitchen accommodate family meals or neighborhood parties? How the space will be used helps prioritize the features and layout. 
  • Location: We add a dose of reality by examining the available landscape to determine functionality. We look at things like the size, how level the ground is, how water and power lines can be brought in, and the distance between the house and the outdoor kitchen area. Let’s face it, a grilling area that requires a homeowner to haul food and supplies across a large swath of land won’t be enjoyed for long. We also ensure compliance with any local regulations or restrictions. 
  • Layout: Just like indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens should optimize functionality by keeping separate zones for cooking, preparing, storage, and dining. If a full kitchen is a dream, we help ensure a smooth workflow between the grill, sink, and refrigerator. And for comfortable seating and dining options, we consider dining tables, bar counters, kitchen islands, cozy couches, and comfy chairs for fireside stargazing and cocktail conversations.
  • Selection and sourcing of materials, appliances, and fixtures: We help you select and source the outdoor-rated appliances that will work best with your design and budget. Whether a built-in grill or outdoor oven; refrigerator or kegerator, fireplace, or fire pit we will find the appliances you want that are rated for outdoor use and have proper ventilation. Countertops, flooring, and cabinets in an outdoor kitchen must withstand heat, moisture, and UV exposure. Popular choices can include stainless steel, concrete, stone, and brick. There is plenty of opportunity to blend style with function to capture your perfect aesthetic. 
  • Installation of shade structures, such as pergolas or canopies: If you plan to use your outdoor kitchen through the seasons, you’ll want proper protection from the elements. A pergola can offer some sun protection while still providing a glimpse of the blue sky or stars. An awning is a cost-effective solution to block UV rays during the day or open up the space at night. A roof gives complete shelter no matter the weather. 
  • Lighting installation for functional and aesthetic purposes: The lighting you choose for your outdoor kitchen is the icing to create an overall ambiance. Task lighting will be needed for food cooking and prep areas, but accent lighting to highlight architectural features, trees, and plants can add drama, as will ambient lighting for dining and entertainment spaces. 
  • Plumbing and Electrical: To keep that refrigerator and dishwasher running, or even just to have a fresh supply of water requires plumbing and electrical connections. With our years of contractor experience, we know local codes and regulations and can ensure your project is in compliance and your outdoor kitchen will be safe. 

When the design is complete, we take it from there covering permitting, construction, installation, and planting. The timeline for creating an outdoor kitchen is very dependent on what you want and where you want it to go. A simple patio and grill can take 3 weeks, while installing water and electric lines for refrigerators, sinks, and cooktops may extend a project out for 4 months or more. The key is to plan and apply for permits well before you’re ready to break ground. 

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s one of our past projects from start to finish:

Choosing a Landscape Contractor

There are many choices to make when planning an outdoor kitchen, but it starts with choosing the right landscaping contractor. At Landscape East & West, we have the experience and talent to design and install your outdoor kitchen to give you years of enjoyment. We’re committed to using the highest quality materials.

We always make sure our client’s wishes are understood and expectations are met because we view our customers as our partners and always give you the respect and time you deserve. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have said:

Landscape East & West did a full redesign and implementation of our backyard and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Russell, our designer, was great about incorporating our vision and making sure it was practically applied. The work crew, Sammy and Kenny under Seth’s supervision, were fast, respectful and very good about making adjustments on the fly and keeping a clean and tidy work area. Great communication, the work came in under bid (even with changes along the way) and were all committed to making sure we were satisfied and happy with the job’s results. I highly recommend this company and hope to have them back to do the front next year!

— Jason T.

We were very impressed and happy with our project created by Landscape East & West. They were professional from bid to contract, to start, and to finish. Also, they did an excellent clean up! There was really great follow-up during the major steps of the project. They started on time, worked hard, and finished on time while handling a few changes that we requested in the process. One of the things that we saw as an indicator of excellence was the long-time employees who work hard and enjoy their work. And finally, there are really beautiful results with the best quality plants and products. They greatly exceeded expectations! –Sue G. 

My experience with Landscape East & West was nothing but positive. Bjorn was our go to person and he handled everything with finesse. Our tiny difficult front garden which was old overgrown Rhododendrons is now fresh and lovely. The crew was polite and hard working. I would certainly use their services again.  –Ronald P. 

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with the entire East & West team – really impressed with the level of service and responsiveness in addition to quality of work. We worked with East West on a large front yard installation and we were so pleased with the work, we hired them for maintenance. They are a quality service. A++++   Katie H. 

At Landscape East & West, we specialize in outdoor kitchens of all scopes and sizes. Whether you desire a luxury kitchen with all the bells and whistles, or just an attractive space to grill, our experienced design team will work with you to create an outdoor kitchen that matches any style or location. Contact us today to get started.