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A lush, blooming garden compliments any landscape, patio or hardscape. A garden also brings harmony and utility to any outdoor environment, regardless of shape or size. Whether you’re adding an outdoor room or simply want a landscape bursting with color and scent, Landscape East & West’s garden design services will help you achieve amazing results in your garden. Our garden designs are as functional as they are beautiful, with winding paths, water features or any other elements you choose to incorporate. A few ideas include:

  • English Country
  • Formal
  • Japanese
  • Fragrant
  • Perennial
  • Rock Gardens
  • Raised Bed Gardens
  • Rain Gardens

"We had a wonderful experience with Landscape East & West. After a thorough review of our space, they delivered a detailed plan that we were able to customize to our needs. They removed excess grass around beds and planters, brought in bark chips, and added drain rock. We plan to do more next year and will definitely call Landscape East & West again!"

— Haley Malmberg

Why choose Landscape East & West?

We are experts in local plant lore. If it grows in the Pacific Northwest, we know how to help it thrive. Our garden designers recommend only plants that will flourish in your landscape, and we strategically place them to give them the best possible environment for their needs. Our green thumb isn’t limited to native plants, either – we can incorporate exotic plants and flowers for maximum impact and minimum maintenance.

We work sustainably. Our love of plants extends to the environment as a whole. With every garden we design, we keep one eye on sustainability. From thoughtful plant placement, organic fertilizers and minimizing water use, our goal is to work with nature to create a robust ecosystem within your landscape.

We bring out the best in every landscape. Like a sculptor coaxing art from raw stone, we draw out the natural beauty inherent in each landscape. Our extensive designer network allows us to pair each homeowner or property manager with just the right garden designer to create the best possible solution for your needs and space.