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A Designer’s Retreat

  • Summary of Challenge: When a landscape designer decides to remodel her own garden, you can bet they will pore over every detail. Lynn Wolfstone, of Wolfstone Landscape Design, decided it was time to create her showcase garden right in her own backyard. She wanted the space to mirror her commitment to the environment, as well as her love of plant composition in her own garden.
  • Summary of Solution: Using her design, we installed a garden that created several distinct spaces, all the while, harmoniously relating to the home. A natural stone patio and raised bed/bench create a wonderful dining area. This area is connected to the home through floor-to-ceiling windows/doors that open wide to embrace the outdoor dining area. A gravel footed lounge area with custom fire table relaxes the tone. A stone path and planting area leads to a sitting area hidden from view by a custom mirrored wall. There is a strategically placed turquoise wall and planter that lines up, not only with a window but also the front door to create a terminus for the view through the entire home. The driveway was renovated using permeable pavers adjacent to a functional rain garden/water fall. The front entry includes custom-cut bluestone in a unique pattern that leads you to the private front door. We continue to provide weekly maintenance for this garden.
  • Specs:
    • 440 sq. ft. Permeable Paver Driveway
    • 680 sq. ft. Stone Patio & Paths
    • 4 tons Windswept Moss Boulders
    • 225 sq. ft. Gravel Sitting Area
    • 21 Low-Voltage Light Fixtures
    • 234 Plants & Trees
    • 900 sq. ft. Planting Beds & Mulch
    • 3 Custom Screens
    • Custom Concrete Planter
    • Custom Cedar Bench
    • Custom Water Feature