HOA Water Feature & Lighting Maintenance

Keep the zen flowing

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Landscape East & West is your Northwest expert in HOA water feature and lighting maintenance.

If your property has lighting or water features, Landscape East & West can make sure they continue functioning optimally to save you money, immerse your residents in the surroundings they deserve, and keep everyone’s Zen flowing.

"Great professionals who are friendly and always have time to be friendly."

— Kim Irwin

Water Feature Maintenance

There is something about the tranquility of the sound and the soothing movement of water that draws residents to water features. While they can be a wonderful addition to any landscape, it’s important to include water features in your maintenance plan. Periodically analyzing the pumps, removing debris, monitoring water quality, and cleaning filters keeps features in top condition. Our in-house experts are skilled at both installing and maintaining all types of water features — ponds, water gardens, fountains, and bio-swales — extending usable life and keeping the water flowing for your residents to enjoy.

Lighting Maintenance

If your HOA has night lighting in the common areas, let Landscape East & West keep your lights shining bright when your residents need them most. Our lighting maintenance program includes regular inspection of each fixture to make sure it’s working properly and cleaning the lens and changing bulbs as necessary. Landscape East & West technicians are licensed to install and maintain low voltage LED lighting. If your property uses line voltage lighting we’ll perform basic service but any system replacements or additions require a licensed electrician.

Learn more about our HOA water feature and lighting maintenance services. When you contract with Landscape East & West for ongoing landscape maintenance services, you know your landscaping professionals have you and your property covered.