Ornamental Bed Maintenance

Properly caring for decorative gardens

your garden whisperers

Whether your ornamental garden offers a relaxing meditative environment, surrounds you in a colorful canopy of fragrant flowers, provides a haven for wildlife, or yields an edible harvest, let Landscape East & West maintain your garden’s health and beauty to ensure your year-round enjoyment.

Maintaining the form, function, and aesthetic appeal of your ornamental bed requires professionals with the knowledge and experience to provide proper care. Our skilled team will carefully analyze your garden’s needs and provide the services necessary to keep it thriving. Our professionals know which services to provide and when to provide them without damaging the garden’s health or appearance. Weeding, edging, implementing an appropriate watering schedule, removing moss, applying mulch and fertilizer, controlling unwanted pests, and protecting your garden during extreme temperatures are all part of our complete landscape maintenance service.

"I cannot recommend more highly this group of garden wizards. The transformation was beautifully done, the cost was reasonable and the process a joy to behold."

— Jacquie Siewert-Schade

How does your garden grow?

Trust the experience and expertise of the Landscape East & West professional team, and watch your garden grow.