Residential Landscape Enhancements

Solutions that add just the right touch

what are landscape enhancements?

One fall evening as you’re enjoying the view of the sun setting over your beautiful outdoor living space, you realize your garden path is missing something — the warmth, the glow, the ambiance achieved by decorative lighting. A well-lit property accents features, provides peace of mind by improving safety, and helps deter unwanted intruders. Upgraded lighting is just one of the many enhancements the design and technical experts and Landscape East & West can accommodate. Anything that improves the form or function of your outdoor living space is an enhancement opportunity we can solve. Some other landscape enhancements include:

  • Installing or improving drainage solutions
  • Adding or replacing plants or annual flowers
  • Refreshing beds with mulch or compost
  • Reducing turf and water-loving shrubs and adding more natural and native plantings
  • Lawn renovations
  • Water feature upgrades
  • Irrigation upgrades
  • Wall, patio and path installation or repair

Enhancements are an important part of any residential landscaping budget. Like a kitchen or bath remodel, landscapes need to be cared for and periodically updated to maintain their practical and aesthetic appeal. Over time, plants and trees may outgrow their allocated space, irrigation technology and components become less efficient or outdated, and features like paths, ponds, or walls can degrade to the point that replacement becomes the best option.

"A long wooden bench and free standing accent walls were part of the project and the work was outstanding. I was impressed with all the attention given to each feature as it was added."

— Wolfstone Landscape Design

planning for enhancements

Landscape East & West has the expertise to help you develop a long-term enhancement plan for your outdoor living space, and the skills to see that those enhancements are completed accurately, and professionally.

What else can you think of that would help you Love Your Landscape? Contact the professionals at Landscape East & West and we’ll provide just the right solution.