Portland Landscaping Learning & Resource Center

From seasonal tips to design & build conundrums, we offer professional answers and insight

Portland Landscaping Learning & Resource Center

Welcome to Landscape East & West’s Learning Center. This resource center is full of helpful links and downloadable documents written by our experts to help guide you in your landscaping pursuits. We offer professional answers and insight to many of the Pacific Northwest’s unique landscaping challenges. Please check back periodically, as our Learning Center is updated on a regular basis.

We look forward to sharing our Portland landscaping knowledge with you. Our team is always on hand to help with your next project, and all of our estimates are complimentary.


  • Our Portland Landscaping Services
  • Outdoor Lighting Tips
  • Extend Your Outdoor Living Space with Control Lighting
  • Water Features & Pavers Maintenance

Lawn & Garden

  • Maintaining Your Garden
  • New Lawn Maintenance Tips
  • Portland Plant Diseases & Pests
  • Overcoming Soggy Lawns in Portland
  • Shade Plant Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest

Water Management

  • Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Tips

Seasonal Tips

  • All Seasonal Tips
  • Winter Seasonal Tips
  • Spring Seasonal Tips
  • Summer Seasonal Tips
  • Fall Seasonal Tips


  • Permeable Paving Aids in Sustainable Portland Landscaping


  • Beautiful & Tasty Landscaping: Portland’s Edible Paradise
  • Portland Landscapers Discuss the Underground Workings of a French Drain
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design: Tips for Portland Landscaping