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Set in Stone

  • Summary of Challenge: The client wanted to renovate their existing patio and entry spaces in preparation for an upcoming family event on the property. The existing hardscape materials and water feature were functional but worn. The client requested a covered grilling area and fire pit as well.
  • Summary of Solution: Using a design by Plant Passion Design LLC, we replaced the main entry, side path and rear patio with mortared variegated bluestone. We also veneered several concrete retaining walls with basalt ledge stone and bluestone caps. For the covered cooking area, we recessed the BBQ island into a retaining wall. This kept the island from protruding into the walkway and taking up valuable space. We also designed a roof structure that blended into the architecture of the home. A custom fire pit was installed on the rear patio using materials to match the retaining walls. A custom arbor was installed at the main entry to draw attention to the front door and prevent guests from choosing the wrong path.
  • Specs:
    • 1,400 sq. ft. Bluestone Patio/Path
    • 600 sq. ft. Wall Veneer
    • 4 Stone Columns
    • 100 ft. French Drain
    • 600 sq. ft. Planting Beds & Mulch
    • Water Feature Renovation
    • Fire pit
    • Kitchen with Grill & Side Burners
    • Roof Structure
    • Entry Arbor