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You’ve created an outdoor environment that everyone loves, so naturally you want to use it as much as possible. Our professional outdoor lighting solutions will help transform your landscape into an illuminated oasis at night. Coupled with outdoor heaters, you will be able to extend the time you spend outdoors, especially when night falls early during the short winter days.

Our lighting experts at Landscape East & West will work with you to recommend artful illumination for every landscape, big or small. Outdoor lighting can also be the perfect solution for these scenarios:

Highlight Landscaping Elements: Cast light upon trees, water features or architectural elements to draw the eye and add a touch of drama to your landscape environment.

Enhance Safety: Light pathways, stairs and other potential hazards to help guests navigate the terrain and avoid accidents.

Deter Trespassers: Extra lighting around the property makes the environment less appealing to would-be intruders or vandals.

"For us, having a landscaping company work on our yard was a new experience, and we can’t say enough about how easy you made the process. From the beginning, you really spent time getting to know us and getting to know what kind of look and feel we wanted for our yard, our garden and our patio/deck."

— Andrew Felcher & Ariane Wolf

Types of Landscape Lighting

Many Portland homeowners and property managers rely on off-the-shelf solar lighting, which is easy on the wallet but isn’t an ideal solution due to our region’s frequent rains and heavy cloud cover. Professionally installed lights cost more upfront, but they last much longer and require less maintenance. If you don’t have the room in your landscape remodel budget, we recommend installing low-voltage wiring now so you can easily connect fixtures later.

Because we are big fans of sustainability, we use only LED landscape lighting which is longer-lasting and more energy-efficient than incandescent lights. Our low-voltage LED systems make it easy to add more lighting over time, and we can even include a timer so they automatically turn on when it’s dark and switch off at whatever time you specify. We expertly incorporate:

Uplighting: Using fixtures to illuminate an eye-catching tree, statue, gateway or structure from below, can create drama and beauty.

Downlighting: Highlighting from above is often used for safety on a staircase. It can also be used under a bench or down the face of a wall or structure, to add texture at night.

Water Feature Lighting: Whether you have a pond, fountain or babbling brook, a touch of shimmer adds mystique to any water feature.

Give us a call and we will help you take your landscape to the next level.