Our Residential Maintenance Process

what full-service landscape maintenance looks like

What makes us different?

  • Your full-service care begins with a complimentary visit to your home.
  • Your consultant will work with you to create a comprehensive service plan — a detailed maintenance strategy customized to the needs of your outdoor living area. From irrigation and water features to pruning, plant health, even seasonal flower care, everything your landscape needs is included in your personalized plan.
  • Your dedicated Account Manager coordinates all crews and maintenance needs, and is always a phone call or text away.
  • No need to guess when you’ll see us — your home is assigned a specific day, a regular Crew Foreman, and a crew that remains consistent throughout your 50 scheduled visits per year.

Full-service landscaping maintenance ensures you receive the personalized service you deserve, and a Landscape You Love.

"They did a fantastic job! Thank you so much. They did a beautiful job of planting the pot and got everything exactly where I was hoping and also cleaned up the soil that the power washing left all around the patio. This is hugely appreciated, many thanks."

— Eve Goodman

things to consider

Some companies rush through a job so they can quickly move on to the next site – even if a customer is paying for more time

  • Landscape East & West has been providing professional landscaping services for more than three decades. Our crews work hard and efficiently, and are never too busy to finish the work that needs to be completed. We know if your plants need to be sheared or pruned, if you need more or less frequent fertilization or weeding, and we’ll dedicate the appropriate amount of time it should take to provide the best results.

Some companies bill for a set amount of time no matter what they get accomplished

  • Landscape East & West will only charge you for the time we’re on your property. Period. Based on your preferences and the specific needs of your landscape, we’ll determine how much time we’ll need for your regular service visits. If we don’t need as much time one week, you won’t be billed for it – you only pay for the time we work.

Some companies respond to requests with, “Sorry, that’s not in our contract”

  • You won’t hear that from us. Landscape East & West provides complete, holistic landscape maintenance – the full-service maintenance our customers expect. If you have a request, just ask, and we’ll take care of it. Depending on the request, additional time may be required, but you’ll still only pay for the time we’re onsite working for you.

Give us a call to learn more about our residential maintenance process and how Landscape East & West can help you Love Your Landscape!