HOA Shrub & Tree Pruning

Create healthier plants and stimulate a more spectacular blooming season

Shrub & Tree Pruning

When done correctly, pruning can revitalize tired trees and shrubs, create healthier plants, and stimulate a more spectacular blooming season. Careless or overzealous pruning services, on the other hand, can damage the health of your plants. That’s why it’s critical to select a landscaping company with an extensive understanding of exactly when, how, and why to prune your trees and shrubs.

At Landscape East & West, our HOA shrub and tree pruning crews are trained and supervised by on-staff arborists who are dedicated to serving the best interests of your plants. Our arborists are well-versed in the most effective pruning practices for all species of trees and shrubs that thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

"Landscape East & West was the only one we trusted with our project. He took the time to help us understand what would be required, while others didn't. The bid was competitive, and we have been very happy that we chose them. The work was done on schedule, with absolutely no problems."

— Stacy Ramsey

We approach pruning with two goals in mind

Structural Pruning: Structural pruning encourages trees and shrubs to develop their branches for maximum health and strength. In addition to removing any dead or weak limbs, our arborists will improve the structural integrity of your trees and help them maintain their ideal shape.

Ornamental Pruning: Our ornamental pruning services are aimed at keeping your trees and shrubs looking their best, no matter the season. From minor shaping to removing diseased or broken branches, we use only pruning techniques that reinforce the plant’s health while bringing out its natural beauty.

Count on the experienced crew at Landscape East & West to provide your community with the surroundings they deserve.