7 Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Examples for Portland Landscaping

October 21, 2014

Outdoor lighting can truly transform your Portland landscaping as well as the exterior of your home. In the Pacific Northwest, we know that clouds and rain can dampen the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. With the proper lighting in place, the entertaining areas of your outdoor space can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially if you have a covered area! More time to enjoy your space, better curb appeal, and well-lit paths are all possible with the right lighting in place.

Our Portland landscaping experts can help you transform your outdoor space, highlight landscaping elements, enhance the safety of your home and more. Below we offer some gorgeous examples of recent outdoor lighting projects. Take a look and be inspired!

Portland Landscaping Outdoor Lighting Pergola

We illuminated this stand-alone pergola with well-placed string lights and included additional lighting along the path that leads to it.

Portland Landscaping Water Feature Lighting

Uplights were used to highlight this bubbling rock water feature and the surrounding rock wall.

Portland Landscaping Custom Water Feat

This man-made stream and custom water feature become even more spectacular with the right lighting.

Portland Landscaping Man Made Stream Water Feature Lighting

An additional view of the water feature shows light placement where the water cascades over the rocks.

Molalla Communications Covered Structure Outdoor Lighting

Lighting placed in and surrounding this structure provides a great opportunity to enjoy the evening landscape in any weather conditions.

Fire Table Portland Landscaping Portland Landscaping

ortland Landscaping_Patio & Fire Table

Seen from a couple of different perspectives, the uplighting of the trees and plants and the down lighting at the bench and steps compliment this beautiful fire table on those summer and fall evenings.