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Midsummer Guide To Landscape And Garden Care

August 01, 2019

Midsummer Guide To Landscape And Garden Care in Portland Oregon Portland landscapes are in full bloom this time of year, treating residents and visitors to an abundance of colorful and fragrant roses, fuchsia, and perennials. Landscapes need maintaining throughout summer’s high-growth season. If you’re planning out your midsummer gardening tasks, here’s a good list to get you started: (more…)

7 Things Your Landscape Needs Now

October 13, 2017

Follow These 7 Tips To Winterize Your Portland Landscaping

Landscape East West Sandmeyer Gas FireplaceKeeping your landscape healthy requires year-round maintenance that varies from season to season: planting is usually done in spring, weeding and watering takes place in summer, and in autumn, we harvest. Fall is also the perfect time to winterize your landscape so it’s ready for the colder, wetter months ahead. (more…)

Trees for Portland Landscaping: Before & After Pruning Photos

February 17, 2014

When it comes to Portland landscaping maintenance, tree pruning plays a large role in the health and longevity of a landscaping design. In this post we share tree pruning before and after photos of some common Portland-area trees. (more…)

When to Time Your Tree Pruning: Tips for Portland Landscaping, by Kirk Lobb

February 12, 2014

Portland Landscaping Tree PruningPruning is a science and an art. Proper pruning requires an understanding of plant biology, an appreciation for aesthetic beauty, and a sense of how pruning will allow more growth.  In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at the when, why, and how of pruning trees in the Portland area. (more…)

End-of-Summer Pruning: Preparing Trees and Shrubs for Fall

August 07, 2012

While it may seem that landscaping Beaverton, Portland, and other perpetually green locales would bRosese a year-round job, the truth is that certain months of the year are very quiet from a landscaping perspective. August, for instance, is a time to put lawn care maintenance on hold, since most plants, including grass, enter their dormant season during the hottest time of the year. (more…)