Trees for Portland Landscaping: Before & After Pruning Photos

February 17, 2014

When it comes to Portland landscaping maintenance, tree pruning plays a large role in the health and longevity of a landscaping design. In this post we share tree pruning before and after photos of some common Portland-area trees.

At Landscape East & West, our ornamental and structural pruning services are handled by on-staff arborists who are experts in the effective pruning practices for all species of trees and shrubs that grow in the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to learn more about our pruning services.

The Acer Palmatum

Otherwise known as a Japanese maple, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Acer Palmatum Dissectum (Lace Leaf Maple) is to the northwest, what the Crapemyrtle is to the mid-south – a must have in the yard. Our pruning experts work their way from the heart of the tree to the exterior in order to encourage beautiful budding in the spring months.

Laceleaf Maple Tree Before Portland Landscaping

Lace Leaf Maple Tree Before Pruning

Laceleaf Maple Tree After Portland Landscaping

Lace Leaf Maple Tree After Pruning


The larger and more upright Acer Palmatum is also an attractive element for many yards offering much needed shade in the hot summers. These trees were carefully pruned in order to discourage mold and allow sunlight to penetrate interior branches. Pruning is best when dormant, but lite spring and summer pruning is also possible.

Acer Tree Before Pruning Portland Landscaping

Acer Tree Before Pruning

Acer Tree After Pruning Portland Landscaping

Acer Tree After Pruning


The Cherry Tree

Prone to disease and fungal infections, cherry trees need to be pruned to open up the structure in order to encourage proper airflow and light penetration. Flowering trees such this one can be pruned right after the burst of colorful petals.

Cherry Tree Before Pruning Portland Landscaping

Cherry Tree Before Pruning

Cherry Tree After Pruning Portland Landscaping

Cherry Tree After Pruning