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Permitting Tips from Portland & Hillsboro Landscapers

November 17, 2015

Double Falls Water Feature for Portland LandscapingWhen working with a landscaping contractor on a design or build project, it’s important to ensure the proper municipal permits are in order. Every city has its own unique permitting requirements. In our area, landscape building permit requirements in Hillsboro and Portland share many similarities, but there are also important code differences between the two cities. If new construction fails to meet city code, several problems could ensue. First, new construction could be unsafe and harm people or the environment. Municipal building laws keep the public and our shared environmental assets safe by requiring minimum structural and environmental standards for construction. Second, if you decide to sell your house, the sale could be hampered by any non-permitted work done by unscrupulous landscapers in Hillsboro or Portland. Finally, when you do decide to bring your home up to code, the permitting fees are often doubled for work that wasn’t done properly the first time around. So filing the right permits saves you money in the long run. (more…)