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Resource Savings & Portland Landscaping: Tips from the Professionals

July 01, 2014

Landscape Maintenance Services Lawn CareDid you know the landscape and design of your property can go a long way toward water savings as well as waste reduction? One of the many things we love about our hometown is the dedication to resource savings and sustainability that the Portland population has. This includes the many community vegetable gardens in the area, our commitment to using native plants, which are simple to maintain, use less water, hold soil in place well and protect the quality of your ground water, and much more. (more…)

Fall Preparation: Rainwater Harvesting Options for Homeowners

September 13, 2012

Rain 1From our years of experience landscaping Lake Oswego and Portland, we can tell you that rainwater harvesting systems are highly beneficial, even in a moist climate like the Pacific Northwest. Yes, for much of the year rainwater harvesting systems in Portland-area homes will over-collect. At these times, the excess water can be diverted onto a permeable surface, where it will drain away slowly into the city watershed. Even during these wet periods, harvesting does help benefit the local eco system by slowing the drainage of rainwater to the river. (more…)