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Retaining Walls Done Right

February 26, 2024

The Pacific Northwest has a rugged landscape. To the experts at Landscape East & West, that means mountains and valleys, forests, and lots of rocks. While altering terrain is what gives this area interest and beauty, it can also bring challenges when creating landscapes.  Here, we tend to rely a lot on retaining walls to level off sloping yards to make them usable spaces. But there is a right way and a wrong way to install a retaining wall and too often in our travels we see the results of those incorrectly installed. Let’s take a look at what to consider to ensure a retaining wall in your yard stands the test of time.  (more…)

Top Landscape Design Trends for 2020

December 11, 2019

When it comes to landscape design, we have learned to expect the unexpected – especially here in Portland, where doing your own thing seems to be a cultural hallmark. In spite of the strong creative and independent Portland spirit (which we love), we have seen certain trends manifest in yards and landscapes across the city over the years and 2020 will be no different. Here are our top five trends we’re seeing as we head into the new year. (more…)

Portland Landscaping Challenges Yield Beautiful Solutions

December 07, 2015

Portland Landscaping Patio DesignLiving atop a hill can certainly provide ample and usable space if designed and landscaped in a way that best suits a homeowner’s needs. However, additional space isn’t the only item a contractor and designer should keep in mind. There can be challenges with a sloped yard, such as drainage, retaining wall construction, and more. This type of space requires creativity and thoughtful planning. (more…)

Hillsboro Landscapers Create Custom Outdoor Kitchen & More

September 30, 2015

Custom Fireplace Design in HillsboroToday we’re featuring one of our recent Hillsboro landscaping efforts. Our clients required elegance as well as functionality for their new landscaping, as they were preparing to host their grandchild´s wedding. Their goal was to convert their own space into a graceful, serviceable location for the big event. Fortunately, our clients had the foresight to contact our team early in order to complete their project early. In fact, we finished it a full year before the wedding. (more…)

Project Spotlight: Beaverton Backyard Transformed by Portland Landscapers

June 05, 2015

Portland Landscaping Retaining Wall DesignFunctionality and visual appeal are just two of the ultimate goals of many landscaping and installation projects. With an old retaining wall and drainage problems, our Beaverton clients knew that they could do better so they looked for expert Beaverton landscapers. In order to tackle their backyard dilemmas, the homeowners contacted our Portland landscaping company at the perfect time, early March 2015. Because the design and installation process each take about three to four weeks at minimum, we encourage all of our potential clients to contact us as early in the year as possible. Thanks to our client’s forethought, we were able to discuss their goals and concerns, as well as complete the design process and installation, before summer was in full swing. (more…)

Making the Most of a Sloped Lot: Retaining Walls for Portland Landscaping, by Susan Hicks

March 26, 2014

Sloped Lot DrainageEvery locale presents its own unique challenges for gardeners. When landscaping Portland, Oregon, many would-be gardeners are confronted with sloped lots. The Portland area features plenty of ravines, bluffs, creeks, hills, and excavations, adding visual interest—and landscaping challenges. Here are a handful of the obstacles associated with uneven property. (more…)

10 Custom Retaining Wall Designs for Portland Landscaping

March 18, 2014

When it comes to Portland landscaping, retaining walls help create more useable space, even out a sloped yard, prevent the erosion of soil and much more. Our award-winning landscaping experts design and build custom retaining walls that are built to last and complement the beauty of our clients’ homes. The photos below show a range of retaining wall styles and materials choices. (more…)

Retaining Wall Design for Portland Landscaping by Lee Glasscock

November 26, 2013

Portland Landscaping: Retaining Wall DesignIf you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you should know that the soggy winter months are a great time to build a retaining wall. As summer projects fade, landscape contractors find themselves with more time on their hands—time to work on your retaining wall design, for instance. This blog covers all the basics about retaining walls, including design considerations, challenges, uses, and special considerations for retaining walls in Portland. (more…)