10 Custom Retaining Wall Designs for Portland Landscaping

March 18, 2014

When it comes to Portland landscaping, retaining walls help create more useable space, even out a sloped yard, prevent the erosion of soil and much more. Our award-winning landscaping experts design and build custom retaining walls that are built to last and complement the beauty of our clients’ homes. The photos below show a range of retaining wall styles and materials choices.

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Portland Landscaping: Retaining Wall Design

Stacked concrete block retaining wall design for Portland landscaping client.

Mica ledgestone retaining wall design.

Mica ledgestone retaining wall design.

Portlan landscaping: retaining Wall Design

Acid-etched concrete retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Design: Basalt Boulder and Wallrock

Basalt boulder and wall rock.

Retaining Wall Design: Basalt with Mortared Cap

Basalt retaining wall design with mortared cap.

Anchor Highland Stone Retaining Wall

Anchor highland stone retaining wall.

Basalt Wallrock Retaining Wall

Basalt wall rock retaining wall design.

Brick Retaining Wall

Curved brick retaining wall design.

Form Finish Retaining Wall

Form finish retaining wall design.

Portland Landscaping Sloped Lots

Custom slate and basalt retaining wall design.