Hillsboro Landscapers Create Custom Outdoor Kitchen & More

September 30, 2015

Custom Fireplace Design in HillsboroToday we’re featuring one of our recent Hillsboro landscaping efforts. Our clients required elegance as well as functionality for their new landscaping, as they were preparing to host their grandchild´s wedding. Their goal was to convert their own space into a graceful, serviceable location for the big event. Fortunately, our clients had the foresight to contact our team early in order to complete their project early. In fact, we finished it a full year before the wedding.

There were several issues with the site that had to be addressed. First, the site was rundown and in need of several extensive renovations. These included adding French drains along pathways and a catch basin to collect water from the patio. Our Hillsboro landscapers carefully planned for these drainage improvements. Additionally, erosion was pulling down the side of one hill, which had to be shored up. We also installed a drip irrigation system. Whenever possible, our Hillsboro landscape contractors made use of the clients’ existing materials, in order to save the family some money.

Hillsboro Garden Project Features

Several features made this project uniquely challenging.

Retaining Walls. First of all, we upgraded the retaining walls by adding a basalt ledgestone to the structurally sound existing concrete walls.

Before Photo:

Hillsboro Retaining Wall

After Photo:

Basalt Ledgestone Wall

Patio and Path. The patio was completely rebuilt. We broke up the old patio into blocks, which were used to halt the hillside erosion mentioned earlier. We constructed the patio with poured concrete featuring patterned stone—in this case, variegated bluestone that we set in a deliberate random pattern. The path was pre-existing, but Landscape East & West reset the stone into a charming pattern, again, reusing materials that the client already had on site.

Before Photo:

Hillsboro Patio - Landscape Design

After Photo:

Hillsboro Patio Design

Patio with Custom Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen with Covered Structure. This was one of the main attractions of the design. The covered structure was built to match the architectural style of the home. Our design features concrete roof tiles on the upper section. The rest is constructed of cedar. Recessed lighting brings out the warm tones in the beams. The stairs to the upper patio were re-positioned to sit into the wall rather than protrude; which was a safety hazard and took up too much room. The BBQ island also set into the wall to save space as well. The grill makes use of propane from an onsite tank, and also features a custom-built gas-burning fireplace.

Hillsboro Outdoor Kitchen Design

Steps Built into Retaining Wall - Hillsboro

Working with Existing Materials

Landscape East & West worked with the client during all phases of the project to make good use of existing, onsite materials. By using materials that were already readily available, we were able to save the client a good deal of money. As mentioned above, the old patio was broken up and used on the hillside to help control the erosion problem.

The path to the forest also featured the use of reclaimed materials.

Repurposed Path


The design and build was planned and completed a full year before the wedding event. When hosting important soirées, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead so that we can do a better job of assisting you, and to avoid the hassle of last minute complications.

The garden design was completed by Adriana Berry of Plant Passion Design. Adriana is an incredibly talented designer, and we are extremely happy to work with her and her company. She created the entire design with the exception of the BBQ island and structure, which we collaborated on. Typically the layout for the stonework is drawn on paper by our landscaping team, and the client is able to help pick sizes and colors of the stone used. It’s a fun and creative way to design!

Hillsboro Garden Design

Variegated Bluestone Path in Hillsboro

Hillsboro Landscaping - Stone Path

If our clients’ new landscape inspires you, get in touch! Here at Landscape East & West, we love making your garden dreams a reality. From hardscaping to event location design to erosion prevention features, we can create the outdoor living area of your dreams! Call us today for an estimate.

Bjorn NordquistContributing author Bjorn Nordquist is the Sales Manager at Landscape East & West, Portland landscaping and design professionals. Learn more about Landscape East & West’s design/build services, including outdoor kitchens, pergolas, patio covers, and more.