Planning Your Spring Landscaping Project

December 01, 2022

If you are looking through your window and the pouring rain at your yard, dreaming of lounging in an Adirondack chair by your fountain under the shining spring sun, now is the time to start planning to have all of those things! A landscaping project is the perfect solution, transforming your yard into an oasis complete with retaining walls, pavers and paved walkways, water features, a covered space for entertaining guests, and so much more. 

The most important thing to understand at this very moment is that if you have an idea for a landscaping project, it’s best to start the searching and hiring process now to lock in your landscaper and plan because the project will likely start in the spring. To better understand the process of going from idea to consultation to project and project completion, here are some things to consider.

How to Know What Will Work for Your Landscaped Yard

The most important thing to know is where the actual property lines lie on the edges of your property. Do you know where the blueprints or schematics of your property are, right now? Landscape East & West is accustomed to helping our clients and customers find the property lines because most of the time these documents are missing. We can help you track down a surveyor in your area that you can hire to tackle this logistical obstacle. Additionally, the  structures that are currently on the edge of your property are often not on the very edge of your property line and can be over the line or even several feet shy of it. 

In addition to property lines, environmentally sensitive zones may be present of which you were previously unaware. Environmentally sensitive zones often deal with land use issues and require a professional to analyze them. 

Lastly, considerations need to be made for the amount of sunlight for plants and lawn, positioning of retaining walls, (retaining wall ideas for a sloped backyard, for example), how pavers will traverse the space, and where the best surface area will be for a covered space. When you contact Landscape East & West for a walkthrough and quote, a Landscape East & West professional will be able to guide you through this process.

Landscape East & West encourages our customers to find features and elements they like on Pinterest and other social media, and in popular publications like Home & Gardens. Ideas and features you’re drawn to help us determine a starting point for the design of your project. What type of lighting do you like? Do you prefer a concrete retaining wall over a more natural stone retaining wall? Are you thinking you would like pavers or a poured concrete path? Having these particular choices ready when the Landscape East & West professional arrives for your walkthrough can get the ball rolling much faster. 

What is the Process for Starting a Landscaping Project with Professionals?

After contacting Landscape East & West, we’ll begin the conversation by talking about the anticipated budget, and we’ll cover any items you already have in mind. We’ll then schedule an appointment to come out and walk the space. Even projects that seem as simple as installing a retaining wall could have unforeseen complications. Additional design input will also be provided while a Landscape East & West professional is onsite to view the property layout. 

Following a meeting and walkthrough of the property, Landscape East & West will then get to work on a concept and general budget. This budget can be broken out into pieces such as covered patios, water features, pavers, retaining walls, and more.

How Will I Know How Much My Landscaping Project Will Cost?

Once you’ve spoken to Landscape East & West and a walkthrough of the job site is completed, your sales consultant will get to work on a ballpark quote. We welcome customer input with respect to the budget to assist in prioritizing the elements in the design. 

Within a couple of weeks, we will deliver a ballpark estimate that will include engineering and permitting if needed, a cost range for each element essential for the design, and options to upgrade or downgrade finishes. If the design concept and ballpark estimate align with expectations, we will get to work on full-blown detailed design and fixed pricing. Once that is completed, you will know your cost. 

How Long Does a Professional Landscaping Project Take?

Numerous factors go into a landscaping project, and while several are fairly straightforward, some require additional planning, permitting, and extra care. More complex projects typically take around 6 months between the first point of contact and when the project begins. On more straightforward projects, this might be less than a month from the customer’s first contact with us until a decision is made on the build, and the project then breaks ground within a couple of months. This time period is occupied by gathering the supplies and materials needed for the job, anticipating any change in scope based on regulations and other circumstances, and so on.

Overall, the process of going from an idea to hiring the professionals, to completing the project can take anywhere from 4-8 months. 

Get in Touch

Considering a landscaping project for your home or business? Contact us today to discuss your vision with one of our licensed professionals. We can provide realistic expectations and a timeline for your project to begin. We service the greater Portland, Oregon Metro area including Clackamas, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and north into Clark county Washington. We would love to talk with you about applying our landscaping experience and expertise to your design and build!