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Premier Landscape Architects for Lake Oswego

The Landscape East & West team has experience managing construction and installation projects. We coordinate with contractors to ensure projects are done on time and within budget. We also navigate local zoning regulations, building codes, and permit requirements to make sure your project complies with legal and regulatory standards. Our hard work means fewer sleepless nights for you.

Remember that our landscape designers are trained and experienced. They understand the principles of landscape design, horticulture, and construction meaning they offer practical solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of your property. Working with the design team at Landscape East & West is a wise investment toward having a well-planned, enduring, and enjoyable landscape that may enhance your quality of life.

Our Services

Custom Landscape Design

We love that the homes in Lake Oswego are anything but cookie cutter and we thrive on creating landscapes that offer that same unique look. Our work starts with a complimentary consultation to understand your personality and lifestyle and what type of yard would reflect who you are. From there our well-trained project managers use our meticulously crafted approach to ensure all the foundational elements of your project are addressed. From placing patios, building gazebos, creating outdoor kitchens, and planting, we ensure each action adds to your overall vision of an ideal escape.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

How you want to spend time in your yard is a personal choice with endless possibilities. A yard can truly be an extension of your home complete with a full kitchen if you so desire. At Landscape East & West we have the experience and talent to design and install whatever you imagine. A cozy gazebo with a fire pit, a dramatic lighted water feature, a play area, or a simple place to retreat among the trees and flowers are all options for your Lake Oswego yard that we can explore together.

Maintenance Services

An outdoor living space requires maintenance as seasons change, vegetation grows and dies, and regular use puts in some wear and tear. We can customize a landscape maintenance strategy from irrigation to pruning, to keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the year. You will have a dedicated account manager and crew who will arrive on a set day of the week throughout your scheduled visits. We keep it simple so you know from the start when we’ll show up and what we’ll be doing.

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Why Choose Us

We offer a full range of landscaping services and lots of experience, but there are more reasons why you should choose Landscape East & West for all your landscaping needs. Choosing Landscape East & West means partnering with a team that not only enhances your property’s beauty and functionality but also cares deeply about the community and the environment of Lake Oswego. Here’s where we shine:

  • Local Expertise: Landscape East & West has not only served the Lake Oswego area for decades, but our team has deep roots in this region. We understand how the weather impacts what grows, we know what plants thrive, and we’re well-versed in local soil types. In short, our team has the local knowledge needed to create a yard for year-round enjoyment.
  • Sustainable Practices: We believe that landscapes around Lake Oswego should enhance the natural beauty of the area and consider the fragile environment of shoreside living. For this reason, we offer natural and organic landscape solutions. Whether you’re looking for organic alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers or want to create rain gardens or add rain sensors to your irrigation systems, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen.
  • Customized Solutions: No matter the size, shape, or condition of your yard, we can design a landscape that meets your needs and wants. We’re experts at solving unique problems such as slopes, flooding, or poor soil quality, ensuring your project is done right from the ground up.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our goal is to give our customers a stress and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Your project manager will always be just a phone call, text, or email away and will keep you updated on the progress every step of the way.
  • Proven Track Record: Landscape East & West has been transforming the landscapes of Lake Oswego since 1980 with our core services of design, build, and maintenance. As we drive around the lake we’re proud to see our handiwork that we feel enhances the natural beauty of life by the lake.

“We asked Tony and the crew to put together a new design plan for our front and back yards. First, Tony put together a great plan that was in line with our requests. Then, the crew moved in and created exactly what we asked them to do. The job was done on time and on budget. Tony's creative vision and keen eye for detail gave us a great outcome.”

— Ronald Brake

Lake Oswego: A Special Focus

Lake Oswego is surrounded by tall fir trees that envelope neighborhoods leaving a tranquil as well as beautiful natural setting that invites peaceful contemplation, yet lends itself to outdoor entertaining under the majestic trees. Landscape East & West has created yards throughout the community that serve both purposes along with many more. Our team stays abreast of the latest trends in sustainable landscaping, bringing innovative and environmentally sound practices to Lake Oswego’s gardens and outdoor spaces.

With insider knowledge of the local climate, native plants, and design trends of the City, Landscape East & West can create a landscape that enhances the natural beauty and architectural styles that make Lake Oswego a standout community in Oregon, and, we argue, well beyond. Your yard is an extension of your home and whether that house is mid-century modern, Tudor, 21st century, or Colonial, our landscape design team can envision an outdoor space that looks like it has been in place all along. We make sure your house has both curb appeal and a wow factor from curb to front door to the backyard.

We don’t just excel at landscape design. Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority and we believe the residents of Lake Oswego deserve nothing less. We ensure we are available to answer questions, address concerns, and share ideas through every step of the design and installation process. That’s just our practice and what has helped sustain us through four decades of providing landscaping service to Lake Oswego and surrounding areas.

Take a look at some of our Lake Oswego landscape projects:

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“I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to work with the entire East & West team – I was really impressed with the level of service and responsiveness in addition to the quality of work. We worked with East West on a large front yard installation and we were so pleased with the work, that we hired them for maintenance. They are a quality service. A++++”

— Kate Higgins

If you’re ready to transform your Lake Oswego landscape or just have a few questions or concerns, contact us below. We’re standing by ready to get started.