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Landscape East & West has been serving Oregon City since 1980 through our core services of design, build, and maintenance. Our decades in the landscaping industry make us uniquely qualified to deliver consistently excellent service. We know what makes Oregon City such a great place to live and we can help you create a landscape that captures the pioneer spirit, history, and beautiful natural environment that Oregon City embraces. When you’re ready to transform your yard, turn to our experienced team, and together we can create a landscape that fits in and stands out.

Our Services

Custom Landscape Design

Landscape East & West’s expert landscapers translate your vision into an outdoor living area you love. We start with a complimentary in-home visit to capture your ideas and clarify your desires, and then we set you up with a designer to help put ideas to paper. Our experience gives us the knowledge of what thrives, what endures, and what precautions must be taken to create the maximum aesthetic impact with the least amount of maintenance. With plans in place, our crews start digging, maintaining our high standards so each project is done without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. The end result is a landscape that is truly unique to Oregon City.

custom landscape design
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Outdoor Living Spaces

We specialize in designs that add function to exterior spaces. A yard should be an addition to your home’s living space where you can gather with friends and family, or simply a place to find tranquility. From outdoor kitchens to cozy covered firepits to beautiful stone patios, we can design and build a space that transforms your yard into a bonus room

Maintenance Services

Landscape East & West provides complete, holistic landscape maintenance – the full-service maintenance our customers expect. Our landscapers work hard and efficiently. We know if your plants need to be sheared or pruned, or need more or less frequent fertilization or weeding, and we’ll dedicate the appropriate amount of time it should take to provide the best results.


“I am so pleased with the work Landscape E&W did on my yard and sprinkler system, from the first meeting to the final walk-through, everything has been very professional and smooth. The yard looks great and I cannot wait until next spring to see everything in bloom! They set me up with a great designer and made sure I was a part of all the changes that had to be made along the way. The workers showed up early every morning and got started right away, then made sure everything was very clean and organized before they left at the end of the day, which my neighbors appreciated. I would highly recommend Landscape E&W to anyone and will definitely use them for any future projects.”

— Mandy Dunham

Why Choose Us

Choosing Landscape East & West means partnering with a team that not only enhances your property’s beauty and functionality but also cares deeply about the community and the environment of Oregon City.

  • Local Expertise: We have been working in and around Oregon City since 1980. That’s a lot of years to learn the land and gain knowledge of what grows and thrives, climate impacts, and how to spot the latest trends. Experience of any kind matters, but there’s nothing better than working with someone who lives where you live.
  • Sustainable Practices: Landscape East & West is dedicated to providing a full array of sustainable, natural, organic landscape solutions. Whether you’re interested in incorporating a specific natural product or looking for 100% natural and organic solutions, we can customize our products and practices to suit your needs.
  • Customized Solutions: Our landscape designers customize each plan to reflect a vision while accounting for the local climate and environment. Even within the bounds of Oregon City, there can be great differences between yards. Let us take away the guesswork, evaluate what you have, and then create a plan that works best for your unique space.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: When serving clients, we invest time to figure out and record all the wanted design details, involving homeowners in the entire process. This means you’ll get exactly what you want. A great landscape takes teamwork and our clients are always part of the team.
  • Proven Track Record: With more than 40 years of experience in Oregon City’s climate zone, we know what thrives, what endures, and what precautions must be taken to create the maximum aesthetic impact with the least amount of maintenance. Don’t just take our word for it, explore some of our finished projects below.

“We have been doing business with Landscape East & West for about 6 years and have been very pleased with their performance and with their response to our requests. They completely landscaped our yards and have maintained them. Great people to work with.”

— Kent Smith

Oregon City: A Special Focus

As the last stop on the Oregon Trail, Oregon City has strong roots as a town built for pioneers who were ready to build a beautiful place to call home. With a backdrop of two rivers and a unique two-tiered landscape, nature took a place of prominence when it came to creating a city, and that embrace of the natural world continues today. Whether your home sits atop the bluff in McLoughlin or abuts the water in Two Rivers, your yard should be the perfect space to take in the views and enjoy the lush landscape that the local climate helps provide.

From historic buildings to contemporary, Oregon City has a bit of every type of architecture, meaning the expert landscapers at Landscape East & West get to flex our creativity. When working within the City boundaries we ensure the landscapes we design look like they were always meant to be wherever they sit. Our team has designed and built modern outdoor kitchens, quaint flower-covered gazebos, and everything in between to provide a space for social gatherings and quiet contemplation. Our team stays abreast of the latest trends in sustainable landscaping, bringing innovative and environmentally sound practices to Oregon City’s gardens and outdoor spaces.

Oregon City Portfolio:

Our skilled craftsmen can construct the perfect covered patio
A lush lawn and raised garden beds are complemented by thriving shrubs and flowers. We can make it happen.
Custom pavers add drama and retaining walls keep plants and soil in place. We find beautiful solutions for any type of yard.
Fourth photo

“We were frustrated because our sprinkling system was leaking at one end. We had checked the tubing and that was not the problem. We paid another landscaping company to come out and fix it but the problem was too complicated for them and they still charged us money! When I called Landscape East and West, the person on the phone asked quality questions and was able to relate to what I described as the problem. A person was sent to our home. He took very little time and diagnosed the problem, corrected it with the needed parts, and was on his way in little time. We are so grateful for Landscape E&W's expertise and professionalism. Thanks. A 3-year nightmare was fixed in 30-45 minutes!!!”

— Helen Nolen

When you’re ready to transform your Oregon City landscape from drab to dramatic, contact us for a free consultation.