3 Reasons HOAs Love Working with Us

September 13, 2011

Many HOA landscaping maintenance contracts will be coming up for renewal throughout the fall and winter. If you’re involved with HOA maintenance, you might be looking for a landscaping contractor who will keep both residents and board members happy. Below are the top three reasons why HOA maintenance boards love working with us for their landscaping maintenance.


1. We keep our eyes on the long term.

Many HOA landscape contractors are stuck in a short-term perspective. They see only the tasks that must be accomplished this week, rather than seeing the overall picture of how to best serve the HOA maintenance needs of the community.

One reason HOA maintenance boards love working with us is that we take a long-term, proactive approach to landscaping maintenance. Before kicking off a regular maintenance program, we work with each client to create a long-term plan that is customized to the unique needs of the residents and the governing HOA landscape board.

This long-term approach also leads us to recruit true experts for pruning and irrigation systems, rather than relying entirely on our weekly maintenance crews. We employ knowledgeable pruning gurus to boost the health of your trees and shrubs. Our weekly maintenance crews specialize in the regular tasks that must be accomplished, while our enhancement crews sweep through for quick projects, from beautification initiatives to large-scale cleanups.

Finally, HOA landscape committees love how we can bring them significant water usage savings, thanks to our WaterWise irrigation solutions. Many of our HOA maintenance clients save as much as 30 percent after installing one of our low-maintenance irrigation designs.


2. Our green landscaping maintenance solutions are safe for families and pets.

Our HOA maintenance clients appreciate our green approach to landscaping maintenance. Pesticides and other landscaping products often contain harsh chemicals that are hazardous for the environment. By using only organic fungicides, fertilizers and insecticides, we protect the health of HOA residents and their pets.


3. We provide reliable, courteous service.

If there’s one thing an HOA landscaping committee looks for, it’s dependability. Considering the significant investment that residents trust to HOA maintenance boards, it’s no surprise that there are usually high expectations for consistently beautiful shared grounds. Our landscaping maintenance services are dependable, and our employees are courteous – qualities that aren’t always easy to find in companies offering HOA landscape assistance.

Overall, our proactive approach to HOA maintenance delights residents and HOA boards alike. Residents love living on beautifully landscaped properties, and HOA boards appreciate our reliable service.