Month: July 2011

How to Choose a Landscape Designer that is Right for You

July 28, 2011

Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Glory of the Garden” contains advice for anyone who would like to enjoy a beautiful landscaping design. He writes, “Gardens are not made by singing, ‘Oh how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.” However, a modern reader might remind Kipling that that he could, in fact, while away the afternoon singing the praises of the garden and still see progress – that is, if he hires a contractor for landscaping design and installation. (more…)

Water Feature Considerations

July 26, 2011

Water features are some of the most peace-inducing ingredients in a landscaping design. As any professional landscaping designer will tell you, the sound of burbling water is soothing to the soul, and few activities relieve anxiety as well as watching water trickle. (more…)

July Landscaping and Gardening Tips

July 19, 2011

Most Portland landscapes require maintenance in July, as the month falls in a high-growth season. This year’s soil is especially primed for productivity, thanks to 2011’s second-wettest spring on record. July can be a beautiful month for house landscaping in Portland, as the roses, fuchsia and perennials in hanging baskets are all in bloom. Here are a few tasks to do in your Portland garden in July: (more…)

Explaining Irrigation Systems and Home Sprinkler Systems

July 14, 2011

One of the major concerns of Lake Oswego landscaping contractors and turf-lovers across the Portland area is how to water efficiently and effectively. The climate around Portland rarely lacks for water, but during the hot, dry summer months it is necessary to water many plants and most lawns – at least if you to want to prevent them from turning brown and crispy in the summer sun. Our densely built metro area has many condominiums and townhomes with HOA maintenance contracts that include sprinkler systems and irrigation lines. It is good for homeowners and landscaping contractors alike to understand how these watering systems work. (more…)

Bugs that Are Bad for Your Yard and Garden

July 05, 2011

Tent CaterpillarsOne of the most important aspects of summer landscape maintenance and lawn care is pest control. There are a number of plant pests that can do major damage to most landscaping designs. Here are five of the worst pests to find in your garden. Keep an eye out for them! (more…)