Month: October 2012

Top U.S. Landscape Designer to Present Portland Lecture and Workshop

October 10, 2012

Association of Professional Landscape Designers Oregon Chapter LogoAs homeowners focus more and more energy on their digital lives, some landscapers fear that designed landscapes – outdoor areas created by landscaping professionals – will go the way of the Palm Pilot. How can landscape designers update our craft to make it more relevant to modern homeowners? (more…)

Fall Lawn Care: What to Do with Fall Leaves

October 08, 2012

Fallen LeavesLooking up at Portland’s tree canopy, it’s incredible to think about the sheer volume of leaves that will soon be clogging up gutters and piling up on sidewalks. In a natural setting, those fallen leaves serve important purposes – they add nutrients to the soil and offer natural ground insulation. In an urban setting, however, the autumnal shedding of leaves can pose a real hassle for everything from drainage to lawn care. (more…)