Month: April 2014

Pet-friendly Portland Landscaping Designs

April 30, 2014

Portland residents love their pets and, with urban farming on the rise, it’s not unusual to see chickens, ducks, rabbits and goats in a neighbor’s yard. We wanted to share some pet-friendly Portland landscaping designs, so that you can see how pets and homeowners can live in harmony. (more…)

Dog Friendly Portland, Oregon Landscaping Design Ideas, by Christin Bryk

April 10, 2014

Dogs and lush gardening—many homeowners assume they’re mutually exclusive. You can’t have both, the thinking goes, because a dog will just tear up any landscaping you might add. Well, we’re here to tell you that you CAN have it all—a beautiful garden and a happy pooch! In today’s blog we’re taking a look at the yard from a canine perspective. Read on for our top tips for Portland, Oregon landscaping enthusiasts who also happen to be dog lovers. (more…)