Month: July 2014

Water Features for Portland Landscaping: Proper Planning, Design & Maintenance

July 18, 2014

Portland-Landscaping-Water-Feature-DesignSince ancient times, people have appreciated the healing powers of water. Modern research proves that the sound of flowing water decreases stress levels. The playful gurgling of a stream can lift a person’s spirits, while water’s sparkling movement enchants the eyes. Beyond a yearning for beauty, our Portland landscaping clients cite additional reasons for installing water features, such as achieving a balance of elements (fire, water, metal, air, and so forth). Moving water is also an excellent way to drown out traffic or other unappealing sounds. Water features can attract entrancing wildlife to your yard. Finally, if you’re looking to create a Zen/meditative garden space where you can escape the cares of the world, a water feature is a key ingredient in your overall design. (more…)

Water Feature Designs for Portland Landscaping

July 07, 2014

Boulder Water FeatureIncorporating a water feature into your Portland landscaping can help transform an outdoor space into a tranquil oasis. At Landscape East & West, we pride ourselves on creating water features that complement your space, address your needs and suit your lifestyle. From koi ponds and custom bubbling fountains to luxurious pools and hot tubs, our expert team will create a feature that radiates tranquility and blends seamlessly into your landscaping design. Learn more about our water feature design services and contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to speaking with you! (more…)

Resource Savings & Portland Landscaping: Tips from the Professionals

July 01, 2014

Landscape Maintenance Services Lawn CareDid you know the landscape and design of your property can go a long way toward water savings as well as waste reduction? One of the many things we love about our hometown is the dedication to resource savings and sustainability that the Portland population has. This includes the many community vegetable gardens in the area, our commitment to using native plants, which are simple to maintain, use less water, hold soil in place well and protect the quality of your ground water, and much more. (more…)