Month: December 2014

10 Plants Perfect for a Portland Landscape Design

December 29, 2014

Are you curious to learn more about plants that thrive in the Portland, Oregon area? Here we offer a list of Portland’s top 10 favorites. From perennials to shrubs, there are so many greenery options from which to choose. If you’d like to learn more about Portland’s hardiness zones, we invite you to read Rebecca Smith’s latest blog post Thriving Plants & Hardiness Zones: Tips from Portland Landscapers. This blog post outlines additional species that prosper in our area. (more…)

Thriving Plants & Hardiness Zones: Tips from Portland Landscapers

December 23, 2014

Portland Landscaping GardenThe exclamation “Location, location, location!” is typically applied to the world of real estate, but it applies equally well to gardening. Landscaping experts the world over appreciate the importance of selecting the correct plants for local climates. In this post we go into detail about location-based landscaping in Portland. We discuss climate zones and hardiness zones, two measuring sticks that green thumbs use to categorize which plants will thrive where. We also touch on which plants thrive in Portland. (more…)