Month: July 2015

Portland Landscaping Company Completes Boxwood Blight Mitigation

July 13, 2015

L&C 2Introduced to North America in the mid-1600s by European settlers, boxwood is a low-maintenance shrub that Portland, Oregon, landscapers shape into neat hedges or mounds. During winter 2015, we were contracted for a single project that involved removing boxwoods infected with boxwood blight at Lewis and Clark College. Landscape East & West’s Portland landscaping maintenance crew worked in the college’s Three Fish and Circle Knot Gardens to mitigate the spread of the plant disease. This project was identified and its scope developed by Lewis and Clark College. (more…)

Portland Landscaping Expert Discusses Overcoming Soggy Lawns

July 02, 2015

Portland Landscaping Lawn CareSodden lawns are not uncommon in Portland landscaping. Portland’s geology features layers of clay and undulating hills—two problematic features for lawn lovers. Clay-laden soil retains water; it creates a dense top layer (a “hardpan”), which is difficult to break through when planting new shrubs and trees. And Portland’s hilly topography naturally creates dells where water gathers. The Portland landscape dooms many lawns to suffer sogginess. (more…)

Permeable Paving Aids in Sustainable Portland Landscaping

July 01, 2015

Portland Permeable Paver DrivewayLike many sustainable Portland landscaping options, permeable pavers create a “win-win” situation. They can solve drainage issues for homeowners while also benefiting the city as a whole by decreasing watershed pollution. In this article we focus on how homeowners can benefit from the convenience of permeable pavers as a solution to drainage issues, especially when used as a construction material for driveways and pathways. We also note some issues with permeable pavers, so homeowners can decide if this is the best hardscaping answer for them. First, however, we discuss how permeability affects our community as a whole. (more…)