Top Landscape Design Trends for 2012

February 06, 2012

Are you hoping to design landscape spaces that will scream “up to date!” in 2012? Look no further. Below, we’ve gathered the hottest trends in landscape design. Of course, some gardening trends never go out of style – roses will always be a popular choice in front of wide picture windows, and it seems Americans will always desire an expanse of green turf. However, other aspects of gardening fade in and out of popularity. From one Lake Oswego landscaper to another, we recommend following the tips if you want your garden to really “pop” in the New Year:

1. Even more indoor/outdoor integration.

The home market and economy are still in the dumps, so it’s no wonder that more Americans than ever are looking to design landscape elements that support outdoor living. This year, look for a push toward seamless indoor/outdoor transitions. For instance, an excellent landscape design choice for a new home would be to build a retractable door between the patio and living room, so in good weather the wall separating indoor and outdoor spaces could be removed. Think about adding a patio cover, beefing up your outdoor kitchen or simply paying more attention to the zones dividing the indoors from the outdoors.

2. Locavore plant shopping and design.

Landscape with your local businesses in mind – 2012’s gardening trendsetters certainly will. They know that plants bought at big box stores are shipped long distances, meaning they probably won’t take as well in local soils. Furthermore, landscape design enthusiasts appreciate the way owners of local landscaping businesses are willing to provide expert answers to customers’ questions. So if you want to be “in the know” as far as landscaping is concerned, buy your plants from a local Portland or Lake Oswego landscaper in 2012, and turn to local experts for landscape design services.

3. Color: Bright and bold or soft and lacy.

Winter is the perfect time for designing next spring’s blooms. As you daydream about your design, landscape with one of these trends in mind:

  • Georgia O’Keefe-style bright colors.
  • Soft, sociable, lacy colors.

4. Include all natural elements: Water, rock, earth and wood.

While shopping for garden accessories, look for pieces that will help you add the major ingredients listed above to your garden in Tigard or Lake Oswego. Landscaper pros explain that a well-balanced garden in 2012 should include all of these materials, as well as ceramic elements. If you don’t already have elevation changes in your yard, think about adding a mound or a depression. (By the way, both hills and dips come in handy when utilizing a rain garden landscape design.)

5. Gardening goes green: Roof gardens and bird houses.

Okay, we admit: Gardening is already a pretty green activity. However, today’s gardeners are looking for ways to go even more green – from hiring a Lake Oswego landscaper to design a rain garden, to planting a green roof as part of your home addition design, landscape lovers will find many ways to fully express their love for the earth in 2012.