5 Benefits of Full-service Portland Landscape Maintenance

January 17, 2013

Landscape Maintenance Services Lawn CareYou have choices when it comes to landscape maintenance. Go with a “just-the-basics” package, and your landscape maintenance service will likely mow your lawn, blow off any leaves and do little else on a regular basis. The alternative option is to hire a full-service landscaping firm that can provide for all aspects of your yard, while also maintaining a neat appearance. As we’re a full-service Portland landscape maintenance company, you’re probably not surprised that we recommend the second option. Here’s why:

1. Regular fertilization, pruning and irrigation means stronger plants.

We use management programs to schedule pruning, fertilization, irrigation and other landscaping services for the homeowner after our initial walkthrough. This calendar is used to create route sheets for our foremen. Our system ensures your plants will receive the nourishment, pruning and weeding they need to flourish.

2. Expertise with every visit.

So-called “mow, blow and go” landscape maintenance services specialize in quantity. Theirs is the numbers game – how many yards can be superficially cleaned up in the least amount of time? With this business model there’s little impetus to understand pruning techniques for different rose varieties, for instance.

In contrast, you can rest assured that a full-service Portland landscape maintenance company that has been around for decades, like Landscape East & West, has the education and experience needed to fully care for your landscape. “Full service” means full knowledge of landscaping techniques.

3. Longer-lasting trees and shrubs.

Our landscape maintenance service is holistic; we take care of all aspects of your garden, from soil balance to irrigation to pruning. This long-term view (along with our expertise) allows us to extend the life of your trees and shrubs. We prune with precision and tenderness. You can’t say the same for lawn-only services, which too often hack or shave at a plant until it has completely lost its natural shape and growth patterns. In this sense, full-service landscape maintenance saves you money in the long term by reducing the number of replacement plants you have to buy.

4. Relax with leaf cleanup, weeding, mowing and irrigation assessment.

Landscape Maintenance & Patio DesignReally, there’s more peace of mind in hiring a full-service Portland landscape maintenance company. How so? Because with a lawn-only service you’ll still need to take care of many tasks yourself. Pruning, weeding and leaf pickup are not included in your average weekly lawn service. Plus, you’ll still have to purchase and maintain costly equipment, including irrigation systems.

With a full-service landscape maintenance service, you can kick your feet back and watch while our landscapers tend to your yard’s every need. We even send out an irrigation specialist to ensure your watering system is operating efficiently. Winterization, backflow checking and yearly system adjustments are also included in our landscape maintenance services.

5. Enjoy excellent customer service.

A full-service landscaping company like Landscape East & West is established enough to have a full retinue of customer service professionals. For instance, we assign an account manager to every lawn care and maintenance client. That way, one of our experts is in charge of watching your yard’s health and planning for its future. We take over the management of your outdoor space allowing you to manage the other aspects of your busy schedule.   At Landscape East & West, we take pride in maintaining strong relationships with our clients.