Best Fall Landscape Projects

August 01, 2022

August just might be our favorite summer month here in the Pacific Northwest. The weather is generally perfect for outdoor recreation and backyard entertaining. The tantalizing smell of backyard barbeques wafts along the summer breeze. Gardens are in full swing bursting with a riot of blooms and colors. And hammocks are especially inviting for lazy afternoon naps.

August is also perfect for daydreaming about what your yard could be if the reality isn’t living up to your vision of an idyllic backyard. Whether your vision involves a complete re-do or maybe just a refresh, August is the time to make plans because fall is an excellent time for landscape projects. And if you want to hire a landscape designer or landscape contractor, it will be easier to get on their fall schedule than waiting until spring.

Whether you are dreaming of a new landscape, adding a special feature, or simply want to maintain what you have, here are the best fall landscape projects to put on your to-do list.

Fall Season Planting

September, October, and even early November–before the temperatures dip to freezing–are great months for installing new plants or transplanting existing plants like trees and shrubs. The cooler, wetter fall weather helps minimize plant stress and provides the right conditions for plant roots to become established before winter. Come next spring, your fall plantings will have a headstart. 

Lawn Replacement & Overseeding

Early fall is also a good time to install new turf or over-seed your existing lawn, as autumn is the time of year when lawn root systems are most actively growing. Tending to your lawn in the fall, and providing it with the right nutrients, will help ensure next summer’s lawn is lush and green. If you are thinking about a full lawn replacement, select a type of grass well-suited for the Pacific Northwest. Do your research or ask a professional. The turf and lawn experts at Landscape East & West have years of experience installing and maintaining lawns in the Willamette Valley and would be happy to help you with your lawn care needs.

Projects for Extended Outdoor Enjoyment

Outdoor kitchens, covered patios, fire pits, and other special features are in high demand during the summer when we head outdoors. But waiting until spring to get started on these projects may mean missing the season altogether, as spring and summer are the busiest times for landscape contractors.

Start working with a designer now and get your project scheduled with a contractor for a fall installation. Then spend your winter planning all the fun you will have in your new space next spring and summer because it will already be done!

Need a little more inspiration? Check out these past projects our designers and landscape crews have completed. 

Assess & Repair or Replace Your Fence

It’s easy to overlook fence maintenance as a well-installed fence will stand up to many seasons of wind and rain and whatever else mother nature throws at it. But over time, even the best fences need some attention, care, mending, or replacement. Fall is a great time to assess the condition of your fence–are any slats broken or missing, or are there loose posts or leaning sections. Maybe your fence is just old and tired looking. A new fence may be just what your yard needs to look fresh again, and today’s materials allow for all sorts of creativity in design. The best designs, of course, look like a natural extension of the home, hardscapes, and the landscape. This is where working with an experienced landscape designer can really pay dividends. 

Pruning, Thinning & Dividing

If the trees, shrubs, and other perennials in your yard and garden have grown and matured, chances are they could use a bit of pruning, thinning, or dividing. Fall is an excellent time of year for this type of plant care for the same reason that fall is good for new plantings. The weather and soil conditions provide the ideal environment for plants to withstand the stress of transplanting and get re-established before winter sets in. 

When it comes to pruning your trees and shrubs, especially larger varieties, we recommend hiring a professional. They will be able to properly assess the health of your trees and large shrubs, determine which limbs are weak and need to be removed, and will make the right cuts that won’t cause further damage or detract from the natural beauty of the tree.

Summer is for Dreaming & Planning; Fall is for Doing

Summer is great for simply maintaining what you have while dreaming about what you want. Summer is also a great time to get a jump on things and start planning your fall projects, especially if you will be hiring a contractor. Landscape East & West offers complete design and installation of yard and landscape projects, as well as yard maintenance. Contact us today to begin the conversation and see how we can help you this fall, so your yard is ready for full enjoyment next spring and summer!