New Year’s Resolutions for Better Landscaping Maintenance

February 08, 2012

Landscape MaintenanceFrom Honolulu to Hillsboro, landscaping is a beautiful way to boost property value and improve your quality of life. However, it takes commitment to make your landscaping maintenance dreams come true. To ensure that the New Year will include a more beautiful, well-manicured yard, follow these resolutions:

1. I resolve to daydream and plan before I plant.

If you don’t have a plan, it’s unlikely that you’ll accomplish much of anything. Therefore, the first step in improving your Portland or Hillsboro landscaping is daydreaming about what you want your yard to look like. What are your goals? Would you like to grow veggies or attract wildlife? Or are you a fan of fresh cut flowers? Once you know what you want, it will be easier to choose plants and services that support your goals.

2. I resolve to protect my house by trimming overhanging branches.

Every landscape maintenance service expert can tell you that pruning your trees is an important precaution that every homeowner should take. The danger is that overhanging limbs could fall on your property, destroying your roof or causing other damage. For the value of your home, resolve to trim heavy, overhanging branches this year.

3. I resolve to save landscaping money by selecting four-season, perennial plants.

Don’t give in to the natural impulse to buy the most visible, beautifully blooming species at the nursery. Instead, your Tigard or Hillsboro landscaping expert would recommend seeking out species that will provide beautiful color and form all year long. Additionally, it’s smart to choose plants that won’t need to be replanted every year – perennials are the lazy person’s go-to gardening choice.

4. I resolve to lovingly care for my lawn.

A healthy lawn is a regularly trimmed lawn. If you can’t commit to running the mower yourself every week or two, consider hiring a landscape maintenance service. (Bonus: Professional lawn care typically includes fertilization, edging and other lawn care best practices.) If you’re willing to make a more dramatic change, your landscaping maintenance expert can suggest low-maintenance ground covers that don’t require nearly as much attention as traditional turf. For instance, clover is a soft, fragrant, easy-to-grow ground cover many Americans are using to replace their lawns.

5. I resolve to create an outdoor oasis.

Have you been dreaming of a water feature or patio? Jump on the outdoor living bandwagon this year by resolving to take on one major project. Whether you build that new deck or patio yourself or hire a contractor, you’re sure to enjoy your yard more with your new outdoor retreat in place. (Once the project is done, don’t forget to adorn it with plants that soothe your soul!)

6. I resolve to enjoy the fruits of my efforts!

Science tells us that happy people know how to savor their experiences. All work and no enjoyment makes any gardener or landscape maintenance provider a stressed-out, less joyful human being. Therefore, take the time to smell your roses – or gardenia, jasmine or viburnum – in the New Year.