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Tips on Water Efficient Irrigation Systems for Portland, Oregon Landscaping, by Kirk Lobb

June 2014

portland landscaping drainageThe right irrigation system can provide efficient, cost-effective watering. By delivering water directly to plants, irrigation systems can minimize water lost to evaporation. Our experienced Portland, Oregon landscapers also take soil type, lot topography, and plant needs into account to deliver an irrigation system custom-made for your landscaping. With the right setup, you can expect to see 40% operation savings over the lifetime of your irrigation system. If you’re the type of consumer who doesn’t mind paying more up front to achieve significant savings in the long run, read on to learn about how to achieve cost savings with irrigation systems. (more…)

Portland Oregon Landscapers Talk Drainage Systems by Alex Konopka at Landscape East & West

January 2014

Landscaping Portland Lawn CareStanding ground water, leaky basements, a perpetually soggy lawn—these are all signs that your property has drainage problems that demand attention. As Portland, Oregon landscapers with more than 30 years of experience designing water management systems for our area, we’d like to warn you that drainage problems are one part of home management that should never be ignored. Water can cause real damage to your home and property. Don’t wait for an emergency to take care of your drainage situation. This post discusses different soil drainage solutions that are widely used in Portland. We provide examples of different drainage solutions, and offer some tips for best practices as well. (more…)

Fall Water Management Tips When Landscaping: Portland Expert Kirk Lobb at Landscape East & West

September 2013

When it comes to fall landscaping, Portland residents have to pay particular attention to their irrigation systems and watering habits. Even though the Portland area doesn’t get much snow, fall is the perfect time to winterize your landscape, including your irrigation system, so you don’t end up with burst pipes and costly leaks. (more…)

Lawn Care: Portland Landscaping Maintenance Tips by Eric Johansson at Landscape East & West

August 2013

Landscaping Portland Lawn CareFor many Americans, a lush lawn is a must-have for their dream homes. And considering the history of the common lawn, it’s easy to see why. The first lawns were status symbols—signs of power that cropped up at Louis the Sixteenth’s gardens at Versailles. The European trend of creating lawn “pleasure grounds” soon crossed the Atlantic; landed aristocrats including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had English-style lawns at their American abodes. However, when it comes to Portland, Oregon landscaping, a lawn may just be a small, well-tended area surrounded by native plants and creative landscaping. (more…)

3 Landscaping Trends We’re Thankful For

November 2012

First rain in 30 daysThanksgiving is a wonderful time to give thanks for what inspires and sustains us. Here at Landscape East & West, we’re feeling grateful for the increasing popularity of sustainable landscape maintenance and design. (more…)

Fall Preparation: Rainwater Harvesting Options for Homeowners

September 2012

Rain 1From our years of experience landscaping Lake Oswego and Portland, we can tell you that rainwater harvesting systems are highly beneficial, even in a moist climate like the Pacific Northwest. Yes, for much of the year rainwater harvesting systems in Portland-area homes will over-collect. At these times, the excess water can be diverted onto a permeable surface, where it will drain away slowly into the city watershed. Even during these wet periods, harvesting does help benefit the local eco system by slowing the drainage of rainwater to the river. (more…)

3 Ways to Save Money on Your HOA Water Bill

October 2011

HOA MaintenanceFrom Portland to Lake Oswego, landscaping is one of the first things that HOA maintenance boards think about when looking for ways to cut expenses. It’s no wonder, considering that landscaping often represents a large portion of an HOA budget. (more…)

3 Reasons to Winterize Your Irrigation System

October 2011

Piped IcicleIt’s easy to forget such things as winterizing irrigation systems. With the school year humming, holidays approaching and busy work schedules to keep up with, such winter maintenance tasks can easily slip one’s mind. However, failing to winterize is one of the most common causes of irrigation system repair. Here are three reasons why it’s important to winterize your irrigation systems: (more…)

How to Winterize Your Irrigation System

September 2011

If you live in an area that rarely sees extremely cold temperatures, you may not realize the importance of winterizing irrigation systems. However, even mild climates like those along the West Coast can see hard freezes in the early hours of the morning, so it’s important to prepare your irrigation sprinkler system for winter by clearing it of all water. (more…)
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