Gift Ideas for Landscape Design Lovers

December 2011

5329 WDYBT celia birtwell pretty woman garden glovesDo you know of anyone who would jump at the chance to take a class categorized under Design: Landscape? Most of us do have a green thumb chum or two. Whether your boyfriend works as a Beaverton landscaper or your mother is a huge fan of smart environmental design, the landscape enthusiasts in your life will love the gift ideas we’ve gathered below.

Cuttings of Your Own Stunning Specimens

Often we admire the plants in a friend’s design. Landscape lovers appreciate the wonderful (and inexpensive) gift of specimen clippings.

Certain plants are like starfish – they grow where they are cut. If you know how to take clippings of plants like geraniums and coleuses, you can root them in water, then in soil, and eventually transplant them outdoors. This kind of terrarium creates a vibrant, growing scene to appreciate indoors until spring arrives. A beautiful design landscape gift would be to root several specimens in water, and then gift them in decorated jars or festive containers. You might even add some compost or compost tea to help the young plants thrive.

Gardening Gloves

From Boston to Beaverton, landscaper types can vouch that their passion can destroy a person’s hands. Digging around in the earth tears up skin and shrinks cuticles. However, with the right pair of gloves for the job, a gardener’s hands can stay soft and smooth. A new pair of gardening gloves feels luxurious for every design/landscape lover. Think about buying a specialized glove for your favorite gardener’s pastimes. For instance, you could buy a pair of elbow-length gloves for the rose lover in your life.

A Season Pass to a Local Garden, Park or Arboretum

Like all artists, design landscape enthusiasts need inspiration. Where better to go than your local botanical garden, park or arboretum? Season passes or memberships in most local flora attractions are relatively inexpensive, and you can bet that your Portland or Beaverton landscaper will get plenty of enjoyment from your gift.

[ photo by:, on Flickr, via CC License ]