Have You Visited Hillsboro’s Artfull Garden?

November 23, 2015

Portland Landscaping Gardens and PlantsA garden-lover’s delight, the Artfull Garden is much appreciated by our Hillsboro landscaping team. With a variety of garden supplies, gazing balls, fused glass, handcrafted items from local artists, and other one-of-a-kind finds, the Artfull Garden is the ideal place to find all the accessories that you need to make your garden a sanctuary.

Events and Products Available to Home Gardeners and Landscapers in Hillsboro

From the wind chimes to fountains to handmade jewelry, every piece sold at the Artfull Garden has a story. The garden gallery always has something new on its shelves crafted by over 100 local artists, making it the perfect spot to find a holiday gift for a loved one, as well as a gift for yourself. You can also treat yourself on the spot at the store’s old-fashioned candy bar and with a freshly brewed espresso.

Let the Artfull Garden deck your halls for the holidays. The store’s holiday selection has everything you need for your tree, holiday table, fireplace mantle, and even the exterior of your home. Visit to find distinctive ornaments by local crafters and collectible pieces, such as Snowbabies and Santas, painted by Jim Shore.

In addition to selling beautiful pieces for your home and garden, the Artfull Garden offers a variety of classes throughout the year that teach you how to make your own landscaping art. These events include mosaic classes using recycled ceramics, cement leaf casting workshops, and cement sculpture workshops.

Beautifying Your Garden with Hillsboro Landscape Contractors

With a base in Hillsboro, Landscape East & West provides award-winning designs to homeowners, HOAs, and businesses throughout the year. If you find a piece that you love at the Artfull Garden, let us help you showcase the new treasure with a head-turning outdoor space.

When you work with the Hillsboro landscaping team, our experts will take the time to learn about your needs, maintenance preferences, and aesthetic desires to design a garden that’s the epitome of form and function. From Zen retreats with water features to custom outdoor patios to vegetable gardens, our experts bring out the best in every landscape and space.

Stream Bed with French Drains on Slope aboveIn addition to focusing on maximizing the impact of your outdoor space, Landscape East & West makes sustainability a priority. We work with nature instead of against it to create a thriving ecosystem in each garden space. Tactics include using organic fertilizer, native plants, water-wise plants, and thoughtful plant placement to prevent erosion.

As a certified EcoBiz, Landscape East & West’s sustainability standards also extend to the community. We are also proud to be a member of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. Did you know that Hillsboro has a 2035 Community Plan, which includes an Environmental Sustainability Plan? In this post, our landscaping experts provide input regarding how residents, HOAs and businesses can use simple techniques to make their gardening and landscaping practices more eco-friendly. Such techniques include lawn reduction, using organic fertilizers and compost, natural pest control, and rainwater harvesting.

Landscape East & West enjoys supporting local businesses that promote beautifying and making the most of outdoor spaces, like the Artfull Garden. For ideas about how to decorate your garden and to learn about community events, follow Landscape East & West on Google+. To get a head start on planning a fabulous landscaping design that you can showcase in the spring, get in touch with us today.