Is Your Landscape Lush & Healthy?

February 06, 2018

See Examples Of Lush & Healthy Portland Landscapes

When you walk or drive by an amazing yard, resplendent with vibrant colors and thriving plants, you can’t help but notice it. Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve and maintain such a lush and healthy landscape?

Many homeowners love to garden and know that it requires dedicated time and effort – that’s one reason we see so many beautiful yards and gardens in the Portland area! Lush and healthy landscaping can also be achieved by bringing in a team of professionals who offer full-service care, including irrigation, plant health care and disease control, skillful pruning, and a holistic landscaping strategy. This level of care is very different from the many  “mow, blow and go” operations out there that simply cut grass and blow away leaves.

If your landscape yearns for resplendence and wants to stand out, our experienced team can help. We invite you to review our residential landscaping services and give us a call with any questions.


Examples Of Lush & Healthy Portland Landscapes

We’re in the business of transforming ordinary yards into beautiful landscapes that can’t help but be noticed. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of our Portland landscaping projects.

Portland landscaping Slate Patio Seating Area

This slate sitting area is surrounded by hearty plants and shrubs that are easy to care for. Potted plants are a great choice for those who want to add color to a patio area and are looking for a simple way to switch them out seasonally.

Colorful plantings and greenery of different shades and heights lend visual appeal to this backyard oasis. The yard remains lush and green thanks to consistent soil amendments, an efficient irrigation system, and ongoing professional care.

Portland Landscaping Gardens and Plants


Look how beautifully this lavender plays against the light stone walls of this home and pathway. Ivy and additional plantings complement the space and create a European feel.

Portland Landscaping Tree Pruning

A Japanese Maple cascades gracefully over a custom water feature filled with just the right selection of plants. In order to keep water features as vibrant and healthy as the plants that surround them, we offer water feature maintenance services such as regular cleaning, repair and more.

Portland Landscaping Water Feature Outdoor Patio

The goal of this outdoor space was not only to create more usable space and seating, but to create a relaxing retreat as well. This custom water feature and bench are complemented by easy to care for plants that remain beautiful all year.

Lavender Garden for Portland Landscaping

A beautiful, planned, natural meadow serves as the foreground for multiple views from inside the house. Special soil amendment and mulch was used to create the perfect habitat for the meadow to flourish.

If you’ve been thinking about making improvements to your residential landscape or just want to learn more about your options, contact Landscape East & West today.