Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Halloween

October 04, 2011

Half of America’s households decorate their homes for Halloween. If you’re looking for Halloween decorating schemes that will really make an impression (and draw in those precious trick-or-treaters!) consider incorporating a few outdoor lighting ideas.

From Portland to Hillsboro, landscaping experts appreciate how outdoor lighting can transform a blasé holiday display into a magical, enchanting space. If there’s any holiday when outdoor lighting ideas can have a major impact, it’s Halloween – the more attractive, spooky and interesting your lighting scheme, the more tiny goblins, witches and miniature Iron Men will ring your doorbell.

Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas for your Halloween display:

Light strings. Light strings are a relatively easy outdoor lighting approach. A simple set of orange mini lights can add a dash of Halloween holiday spirit. For smaller areas, such as your front porch, decorate with strings of lights in the shape of pumpkins, skulls, or any number of other Halloween-themed objects.

Projection lighting. Projection lighting is a wonderful way to add Halloween charm to blank areas of your home’s exterior. For instance, many homes have two-car garages in front; this is especially common in bedroom communities like Hillsboro. Landscaping lighting gurus would think of those big blank garage doors as canvases just waiting to be filled. Projection lighting may be aimed at your garage door, sidewalk or even the whole side of your house. Wherever it’s pointed, dancing Halloween figures will appear.


Black light bulbs and Halloween light covers. These are good options if you’re looking for more temporary outdoor lighting ideas. Want to make an area instantly spooky without spending gobs of dough? Just screw a black light bulb into an existing outdoor lighting fixture. Similarly, temporary Halloween-themed light covers can be hung in mid-October and stored during the rest of the year.

Whatever type of outdoor lighting you choose, look for low-energy solutions such as LED bulbs. These options will help you minimize the likelihood that November’s energy bill will be the scariest part of your Halloween experience.