Pergolas and Arbors: Structures That Know How To Throw Shade

May 2019

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Summer is when the Pacific Northwest really shines. The vibrant colors, the cool mornings and the warm afternoons beckon us to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Sure, there are lots of festivals and concerts to attend, nearby mountains and beaches to enjoy, and exotic places to visit. But some of our most cherished memories are created when we host a great party or old fashioned barbeque for friends and family in our own beautiful backyard.

Bright, direct sunlight isn’t necessary for most of our native plants. In fact, most species (including humans) enjoy a little shade from time to time. As a homeowner, shade structures such as pergolas and arbors increase the number and types of plant species you can have in your garden and help reduce water waste. They also add aesthetic appeal to your yard and provide you and your family with a place to relax during a hot, sunny day.


Types of Shade Structures

There are two main types of shade structures – arbors and pergolas. Arbors are freestanding structures that usually frame a walkway or the entrance to a garden. Pergolas are also freestanding structures, but are usually bigger and designed to cover outdoor seating areas. Both use lattice or open slats to offer a mixture of sun and shade and allow climbing plants a place to grow. Pergolas and Arbors offer unique architectural features that define spaces while keeping them open and inviting.


Which Shade Structure Can We Build For You?


Benefits of Arbors and Pergolas

First and foremost, shade structures add an attractive aesthetic appeal to your yard or garden. Larger pergolas offer a cool, shady place to relax on a warm day, while arbors add a quaint, welcoming atmosphere to a flower or vegetable garden. When used over gardens, shade structures cut down on sun exposure, meaning you use less water to keep your plants healthy. Shade structures also support many climbing plants, including clematis, berries, beans, and climbing roses.

If you’re thinking about adding a shade structure to your yard or garden, call the professionals at Landscape East & West today. We’ll work with you to determine the best option for your outdoor space, and our dedicated team of experts will make sure it’s done right.

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