Residential Portland Landscaping: A Photo Tour

August 27, 2014

When it comes to residential landscaping maintenance, we’re talking about more than mowing and weeding. As an award-winning and trusted Portland landscaping company, we do more than keep your lawn lush and green. We examine the overall health of your yard, trees and garden and are sure to implement plans that are meant to nurture them throughout the year. Our expert team handles everything from fertilizing and pruning to irrigation and pest management. We invite you to learn more about our residential landscaping services.

Since picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve compiled some photos of the many yards and spaces we care for in the Portland-metro area.

Portland Landscaping Maintenance

This lush garden design shown in the picture above includes a vast array of perennials to add color throughout the season.

Portland Landscaping Maintenance

To properly maintain large sites, it is imperative that structural hand pruners and trained irrigation technicians are part of the support staff.

Portland Landscaping Artificial Turf

Proper maintenance of artificial turf allows the owners desire for large dogs and a green lawn to coexist. It also keeps the muddy footprints in the house to a minimum.

Portland Landscaping Front Yard

This front yard is dense with perennials to offer a contrast to the surrounding forest setting.

Water Feature for Portland Landscaping

Keeping your water feature running at an optimum level is an integral part of our full service maintenance plans.

Portland Landscaping Design for Small LotsEven a smaller backyard can be landscaped to maximize space with the right design. This space includes an acid-etched concrete retaining wall, gravel patio space and greenery that complement the Asian-inspired design.

Portland Landscapers Front Yard DesignHearty native plants and grasses make for an inviting front yard landscaping design.

Portland Landscapers Yard Design

Keeping your lawn lush and green means proper irrigation and fertilization. At Landscape East & West, we provide full-service care for your lawn. We invite your to learn more about our residential lawn care services.