Trending Now: Paver Patios

May 21, 2024

As you spend more time outside in your yard enjoying warm days, are you finding your patio is looking worn out? You’re not alone. Spring and summer Landscape East & West regularly takes calls from homeowners who are ready to change their landscape and, right now, they want paver patios. Let’s explore why this trend is catching on in all the best yards around town. 

Endless Design

An alternative to poured concrete, a paver patio is an outdoor living space constructed using interlocking concrete or natural stone pavers that can be customized to fit any space and integrate with the surrounding landscape.  Whether you want to define edges, highlight specific areas, or add visual interest to your yard with a unique pattern, the pavers can meet your vision. 


It’s not surprising paver patios have become the popular alternative to poured concrete as they are a superior product in several ways starting with design options. Available in concrete, natural stone, and even porcelain, pavers allow you to create nearly any design at a cost that matches your budget. The color choices are nearly endless, the textures can be smooth or rough, and the sizes run from a modest 12 x 12 to a grand 42 x 42. Pavers can be laid as spirals, checkerboards, alternating sizes or colors, or any combination. There’s a lot to choose from.

With patio installation and design expertise, our team works closely with you to better understand how you will use the space and how it fits into your overall landscape and home design, and learn about your taste and style. With that knowledge, we can help narrow down the many choices and develop a plan to meet your needs and tastes.  

Durability and Low Maintenance

paver hot tub

While making a patio look nice is important, we also want to install something that lasts. Here again, paver patios show their strength. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations without cracking or deteriorating. Where poured concrete cracks over time and requires a complete renovation, if a paver is damaged we simply remove the affected one and replace it–a much simpler and budget-friendly job. The low maintenance doesn’t end there. Pavers are stain-resistant and easily cleaned with soap and water. No harsh chemicals are required making them an eco-friendly option. Plus the gaps between the stones allow rainwater to permeate into the ground minimizing runoff–another win for the environment. 

Porcelain Pavers are Trending

To take durability and low maintenance a step further, porcelain pavers are catching on as the next big trend. There is really nothing that can damage porcelain except a diamond blade and most likely your patio doesn’t often come in contact with one of these. In fact, porcelain is so strong and durable that it can be used in driveways and parking areas providing a sturdy and stable base for vehicle traffic.  A bonus is porcelain requires little maintenance. It isn’t porous so moss and weeds can’t grow on it and it is resistant to staining. Annual pressure washing may just be a thing of the past. 

Another advantage to porcelain is that, unlike concrete, it doesn’t absorb heat. Your patio will never be too hot to walk on nor radiate heat up to where you are lounging trying to catch a breeze and cool off on a hot day.  

While the initial cost of porcelain pavers is slightly higher than concrete or stone, the lifespan is longer and the required maintenance is minimal making them a cost-effective option in the long run. 

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Install and Forget

Whether your yard is gravel, compacted soil, sand, or some combination, we can install a paver patio. Installing a paver patio is messy work but at Landscape East & West, we like getting our hands dirty. First, we measure and mark the area where the patio will be installed, considering factors like drainage, slope, and existing landscaping features. Next, we excavate seven to eight inches below the finished patio surface and then fill that excavated area with base materials such as crushed stone or gravel. We bring in our compactor to create a stable foundation and add a layer of sand as the finished bed for the pavers. The pavers are installed and edge restraints are placed along the perimeter to keep the pavers secure.  

All this work ensures the pavers we install don’t settle and cause a waviness to the surface that can look bad and pose a safety hazard. No one said it was easy, but we never cut corners. With careful planning and execution as well as the use of some specialized equipment, we can provide a durable and attractive finished product. 

Our warranty on workmanship guarantees our installation will be of the highest quality, giving you the perfect look and feel for years to come.

When it’s time to transform your patio from bland to beautiful, contact Landscape East & West for a free consultation. With decades of experience creating the most stunning landscapes in the area, we can bring the vision for your yard to life.