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French Drains May Be Your Soggy Lawn Solution

View Our Handy French Drains Infographic and Learn More About French Drains (more…)

Light Up Your Landscape

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Inviting with Control Lighting Portland homeowners can add hardscaping, and a patio cover with a fire pit to expand outdoor living space and increase enjoyment during inclement weather. What they may overlook is the importance of landscape lighting. Portland’s  winter months bring dark days—many residents feel disheartened at the prospect of leaving for work in darkness and arriving back home in darkness. Landscape lighting can make an outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, even during Portland’s soggy winter season. (more…)

Landscapers in Lake Oswego Help Beautify Local School Grounds

Hallinan Gardens Lake OswegoWhen an opportunity to help the environment and your children presents itself, you have to act. As the Chief Operating Officer at Landscape East & West, I could not ignore the efforts that parents, administration, and students were putting into overhauling the interior and exterior of Hallinan Elementary School, especially since my own children attend. I am proud to use my Portland landscaping expertise to assist in an Oregon Green School certification and towards the Hallinan Improvement Project (HIP). (more…)

Have You Visited Hillsboro’s Artfull Garden?

Portland Landscaping Gardens and PlantsA garden-lover’s delight, the Artfull Garden is much appreciated by our Hillsboro landscaping team. With a variety of garden supplies, gazing balls, fused glass, handcrafted items from local artists, and other one-of-a-kind finds, the Artfull Garden is the ideal place to find all the accessories that you need to make your garden a sanctuary. (more…)

Shade Plant Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest

Hillsboro Oregon Landscaping PlantsWhat grows well in the shade? That’s a question we commonly field from our Portland landscaping clients. Here in the Portland metro area, different communities see different weather patterns, different soil compositions, and slightly different growing conditions. What does well in a shady Lake Oswego yard may not survive in a shady backyard in Hillsboro. Landscaping depends on multiple inputs, from soil condition to light patterns. Each yard also has its own microclimates influencing growth. As such, there is no simple answer to the shade question. Every yard has its own unique growing conditions, which may or may not support the requirements of specific shady plants. Speaking with a landscaping expert can give you insight into the type of plants that will thrive in your yard. (more…)

Thriving Plants & Hardiness Zones: Tips from Portland Landscapers

Portland Landscaping GardenThe exclamation “Location, location, location!” is typically applied to the world of real estate, but it applies equally well to gardening. Landscaping experts the world over appreciate the importance of selecting the correct plants for local climates. In this post we go into detail about location-based landscaping in Portland. We discuss climate zones and hardiness zones, two measuring sticks that green thumbs use to categorize which plants will thrive where. We also touch on which plants thrive in Portland. (more…)

6 Photos of Lush & Healthy Portland Landscaping Projects

If you’ve ever walked by or driven by a yard that looks amazing, vibrant and full of thriving plants, you may have wondered what it takes to get it that way. Many homeowners have the gardening knowhow and valuable time to spend on their landscaping - and that’s one reason why there are so many beautiful yards and gardens in the Portland area! Lush and healthy Portland landscaping can also be achieved by having a team of professionals on your side who provide full-service care, including irrigation, plant health care and disease control, skillful pruning and a holistic landscaping strategy. This is far different than “mow, blow and go” operations that simply cut grass and blow away leaves. (more…)

Retaining Walls: Creating a More Functional Yard

Building a retaining wall can be a creative way to add functional space to your landscape or outdoor living area. A retaining wall design can also be a solution to a tricky or hard-to-deal-with yard – especially if your yard has grading issues. A sloped yard can be hard to maintain, and it’s poorly suited for entertaining, socializing and relaxing. (more…)

Lawn Maintenance: Can Your Crane Fly Problems Be Controlled?

Crane Fly Yes, each spring including leap year we begin to notice our lawns thinning and in some areas just down-right disappearing. This year I am predicting a higher than average infestation in the Portland area than last year. Oregon had a wet fall, mild winter and some-what mild early spring. As we begin to see the turf thinning we can also note how the desirable grass is damaged or eaten by these nocturnal feeding larva, and yet the undesirable grasses are left untouched and growing well. (more…)

Best Plants to Include in a Rain Garden

Rain garden designs do more than beautify Portland and Lake Oswego landscaping; they also help manage water runoff, which protects the health of our watersheds. Increased wildlife, more bountiful aquifers and protection against flooding are a few more benefits of installing a rain garden on your property. However, unless you happen to run a Lake Oswego landscaping company, it can be difficult to figure out which plants to incorporate in rain garden designs. (more…)
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