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Springtime Landscaping and Gardening Tips

May 2018

Enjoy Your Beautiful Spring Garden Spring officially began on March 20th and this year the spectacular Pacific Northwest cherry blossoms arrived right on time. Since then spring has been blooming all around us. While we may have some gray skies and rainy days ahead, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by a rainbow of colorful flowers. If you’re a homeowner, that means spring landscaping is already on your mind. (more…)

Wowing With Water Features: Create An Exquisite Focal Point

March 2018

How to Plan, Design, and Maintain Your Water Feature

Water has long been considered one of life’s four essential elements (along with fire, earth, and air). It’s not only vital to survival, it heals, sustains, and balances. Research proves listening to water can decrease stress and lift the spirit, and watching it can dazzle and delight. (more…)

Light Up Your Landscape

August 2017

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Inviting with Control Lighting Portland homeowners can add hardscaping, and a patio cover with a fire pit to expand outdoor living space and increase enjoyment during inclement weather. What they may overlook is the importance of landscape lighting. Portland’s  winter months bring dark days—many residents feel disheartened at the prospect of leaving for work in darkness and arriving back home in darkness. Landscape lighting can make an outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, even during Portland’s soggy winter season. (more…)

Moisture Sensor Installation Benefits for Hillsboro Landscaping

August 2015

Hillsboro Landscaping for HOALawns and water are hot subjects every summer, especially during low-water years. To take the work out of lawn watering, homeowners and homeowner associations (HOAs) often use automatic sprinklers. While a Hillsboro sprinkler installation makes watering the lawn effortless, it may also be inefficient if the sprinklers turn on while it rains or after a shower. To save water and keep your lawn green, our irrigation experts recommend installing sprinkler systems with moisture sensors. (more…)

Portland Landscape Maintenance for HOAs: A Photo Tour

May 2014

For years, HOAs have chosen Landscape East & West as their Portland landscape maintenance partner. We pride ourselves on making HOA boards and community members happy through reliable and courteous service. Not only can HOAs rely on us for stellar service, they can also rely on us for proactive landscaping. We always have your landscape’s health in mind and are able to identify and address any issues before they become problematic. We think ahead and plan our maintenance to best serve your landscaping design. We invite you to learn more about our HOA services! (more…)

HOA Tips: Choosing Your Portland Landscape Maintenance Partner, by Austin Wiesner

May 2014

 HOA-Portland-Landscaping-MaintenanceLandscaping tends to be one of the largest line items in an HOA budget. As such, HOA boards are eager to find ways to save money on landscape maintenance. Selecting the right Portland landscaper is key in this quest. Choose a lackluster vendor and you could end up spending more money in the long term. (more…)

Tips for Hiring a Homeowners Association Landscape Maintenance Service

December 2011

Lawn Care Front YardCommercial landscape maintenance for your homeowners association does more than just preserve property value by increasing curb appeal; a beautiful landscape also sets a positive first impression for residents and guests. Portland-area HOAs can successfully hire a professional landscape maintenance service by following a couple of steps: (more…)

5 Tips for Better HOA Landscape Maintenance

November 2011

housesTypically, landscaping represents one of the largest annual item in an HOA committee’s budget. Moreover, because residents see the HOA landscape every day, landscaping is a highly visible HOA maintenance responsibility. Portland and Lake Oswego landscaping experts recommend that HOA leaders follow the tips below to achieve superior HOA landscape maintenance. (more…)

3 Ways to Save Money on Your HOA Water Bill

October 2011

HOA MaintenanceFrom Portland to Lake Oswego, landscaping is one of the first things that HOA maintenance boards think about when looking for ways to cut expenses. It’s no wonder, considering that landscaping often represents a large portion of an HOA budget. (more…)

3 Reasons HOAs Love Working with Us

September 2011

Many HOA landscaping maintenance contracts will be coming up for renewal throughout the fall and winter. If you’re involved with HOA maintenance, you might be looking for a landscaping contractor who will keep both residents and board members happy. Below are the top three reasons why HOA maintenance boards love working with us for their landscaping maintenance. (more…)
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