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French Drains May Be Your Soggy Lawn Solution

View Our Handy French Drains Infographic and Learn More About French Drains (more…)

Light Up Your Landscape

Make Your Outdoor Living Space Inviting with Control Lighting Portland homeowners can add hardscaping, and a patio cover with a fire pit to expand outdoor living space and increase enjoyment during inclement weather. What they may overlook is the importance of landscape lighting. Portland’s  winter months bring dark days—many residents feel disheartened at the prospect of leaving for work in darkness and arriving back home in darkness. Landscape lighting can make an outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, even during Portland’s soggy winter season. (more…)

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Area All Year Long – Add the Perfect Covered Structure

outdoor-covered-structure-roof-design-300x199Covered outdoor living areas offer a year-round oasis for relaxing and entertaining. Landscape East & West will work with you to create a unique patio cover, pergola, or other covered structure that’s perfect for your landscape. Because covered patios and decks have become a sought-after element among homebuyers, homes with covered structures tend to earn a higher resale price. A wood pergola or other covered structure adds functional square footage to the home, extending your usable living space. After adding a covered outdoor structure, many homeowners find they enjoy the outdoors more frequently throughout the year. And in our drizzly Pacific Northwest climate, being able to enjoy the outdoors for more of the year is a huge plus. (more…)

Landscapers in Lake Oswego Help Beautify Local School Grounds

Hallinan Gardens Lake OswegoWhen an opportunity to help the environment and your children presents itself, you have to act. As the Chief Operating Officer at Landscape East & West, I could not ignore the efforts that parents, administration, and students were putting into overhauling the interior and exterior of Hallinan Elementary School, especially since my own children attend. I am proud to use my Portland landscaping expertise to assist in an Oregon Green School certification and towards the Hallinan Improvement Project (HIP). (more…)

Prepping Your Hillsboro Landscaping for Winter Rains

Hillsboro Landscaping Winter is coming, and we want to help Portland-metro and Hillsboro homeowners, who enjoy landscaping and gardening, get ready for the upcoming months. Today, we’re taking a special look at the city of Hillsboro. Like gardeners everywhere, Hillsboro landscapers can benefit from pre-planning for upcoming seasons. In addition to general tips on planning for winter’s rainfall and general moisture, we discuss how different species respond to winter rains. (more…)

Hillsboro Homeowners Will Love Their Local Recycling Program

Pruned Tree with Fall ColorsFall is around the corner, and with it comes the need for leaf removal. The city of Hillsboro provides valuable services for residents. Hillsboro landscapers should be aware of Hillsboro’s leaf pickup-program. And the city’s recycling programs could save you some serious cash this autumn. In this post we discuss Hillsboro’s extensive leaf pick-up and recycling program. We also explore ways that homeowners can take advantage of the city’s resources while renovating homes and landscapes (more…)

Project Spotlight: Northeast Portland Yard Transformed by Landscaping Team

Plants for Portland LandscapingA good Portland landscaping team isn’t finished with a project until the client is satisfied. Our Northeast Portland client had worked with another design company that did not provide the installation work. She searched online and found Landscape East & West’s stellar reviews and got in touch with us for a complimentary in-home consultation. It was during this meeting that I learned more about the client’s wants and needs, lifestyle and budget. My landscaping team walked the client through the entire landscaping modification process to ensure that we addressed all her concerns and updated the design according to her preferences. (more…)

5 Plant & Lawn Health Care Tips for Portland Landscaping

Portland Landscaping Plant HealthAchieving lush landscaping is no simple feat. Beyond the basics—weed control, species selection, and pruning—there are dozens of additional considerations when caring for a beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. Today we’re taking a look at some of the lesser-known aspects of Portland landscaping maintenance: lawn renovations and fertility, and insect/disease control. (more…)

Residential Portland Landscaping: A Photo Tour

When it comes to residential landscaping maintenance, we’re talking about more than mowing and weeding. As an award-winning and trusted Portland landscaping company, we do more than keep your lawn lush and green. We examine the overall health of your yard, trees and garden and are sure to implement plans that are meant to nurture them throughout the year. Our expert team handles everything from fertilizing and pruning to irrigation and pest management. We invite you to learn more about our residential landscaping services. (more…)

Portland Landscaping Maintenance Done Right: Not Mow, Blow & Go

Portland Landscaping MaintenanceWhen it comes to Portland landscaping maintenance, it doesn’t make sense to hire three or four services—one for the lawn, one for trimming trees and bushes, another for irrigation system needs, and so forth. Rather, we recommend hiring a full-service landscaping company who can take care of every aspect of your yard’s health as needed. Today we’re talking about the difference between a full-service residential landscaping firm and the “mow, blow, and go” operations that cut the grass, blow away leaves, and take off. Hiring piecemeal for your landscaping services may seem like a way to save money. But the truth is that only full-service Portland landscaping contractors can care for your yard’s long-term health, in much the same way that a family doctor has the breadth of knowledge to care for your whole body’s health. (more…)
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