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Design Your New Summer Outdoor Living Space This Winter

November 2017

Plan Hardscaping Projects Now So They’re Ready To Enjoy When You Are You know the expression, “there’s no time like the present?” Every spring we receive calls for patio updates and hardscaping projects. Unfortunately, by then we’re already booked solid! Winter is the perfect time to start planning hardscaping projects you’d like to have completed before summer. We want you to enjoy your outdoor living area renovations as soon as they’re done, so let’s get to it. Let us walk you through planning steps for your hardscaping projects. Take time now to plan ahead, and the outdoor living space you’re dreaming of will be ready for you when the warm weather returns. (more…)

Gift Ideas for Landscape Design Lovers

December 2011

5329 WDYBT celia birtwell pretty woman garden glovesDo you know of anyone who would jump at the chance to take a class categorized under Design: Landscape? Most of us do have a green thumb chum or two. Whether your boyfriend works as a Beaverton landscaper or your mother is a huge fan of smart environmental design, the landscape enthusiasts in your life will love the gift ideas we’ve gathered below. (more…)